Greek Gov’t Vice President Discusses Liquidity with Heads of Banks

Yiannis Dragasakis
The liquidity of the banking sector, the contribution of banks in the fight against tax evasion, the improvement of public revenues collection and the more efficient use of development actions dominated a meeting between Government Vice-President Yiannis Dragasakis and the board of Hellenic Bank Association on Wednesday.

During the meeting, the officials decided to set up a committee that in the next 30 days will draft a strategic plan for the development of digital transactions in Greece and the drastic limitation of cash.

They also decided a further cooperation aiming at the best use of the opportunities arising from a series of development initiatives (“Juncker investment plan,” various European programs, etc.)

Dragasakis was also briefed on the course of the implementation of the government plan to set up a National Development Bank.

Finally, they discussed the government’s intention to explore the opportunities for Greece’s participation in the New Development Bank of BRICS after the relevant proposal submitted to our country.
(source: ana-mpa)