Bill on Greek Nationality Rights for 2nd Generation Immigrants Posted for Public Consultation

paidia_metanastonEnrollment in the first year of Greek primary school and continued attendance of schools in Greece are among the requirements for acquiring Greek nationality for children of foreign nationals born in Greece, according to a draft bill posted for public consultation on Thursday.

The bill demands that the children should be attending school at the time the application is made and that at least one of their parents is a legal resident for five years prior to their birth.

This is the most major change in the bill regulating matters for second generation immigrants to the country, improving on previous regulations that demanded that both parents have five-year legal residence in order for the child to qualify for Greek nationality after birth. Acting on the recommendations of the Council of State, which found previous requirements inadequate, it also added the requirement that nationality be granted six years after birth, combined with enrollment in kindergarten and primary school.

(source: ana-mpa)


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