Greek Anarchists Violently Interrupt Golden Dawn Trial, to Resume June 4

cellsAlleged members of anarchist organization Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei interrupted the Golden Dawn trial in Athens’ Korydallos Prison makeshift courtroom on Friday.

The assailants, who wore hoods, threw water bottles at reporters and shouted threatening slogans, such as “Fascists, we will hang you.”

The lawyer of Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos asked for the trial to be postponed, claiming security reasons. The mother of murdered rap singer Pavlos Fyssas stood up and shouted, “Shame on you, fascists, the trial will continue.”

The turmoil started when members of the anarchist organization were transferred to an adjoining courtroom for a hearing. Group supporters barged into the Golden Dawn hearing and created the commotion.

Both courts were adjourned. The neo-nazi party trial will continue on June 4.


  1. I do not think the National Party is a friend of the Nazis it is the opposite !!!
    They hate the Nazis so do not be stupid

  2. Golden dawn = nazi they adore hitler and hate the Greeks who participated in the resistance against the nazis. Traitors . its that simple

    Anyway this could have been nazis posing as anarchists to help delay the inevitable . Who knows

  3. Granted GD are extreme but you don’t need to lie about their motives to further your own political ends. GD supporters don’t hate Marxists for resisting the Nazis as you claim (based on the myth leftist dishonestly peddle that only leftists fought the Nazis) GD hate Marxists for their antihellenism and treason during civil war. Let’s get our facts straight ok? It was Marxists that were treasonous.

    As for anarchists… they’ve also been involved in political related street violence like GD these last few years…along with many leftists.

  4. More mindless drivel, more baseless slander against Golden Dawn. The Leftist anarchist terrorists who barged into the courtroom and tried to physically assault the Golden Dawn defendants and Golden Dawn legal team were members of the Leftist terrorist organization that calls itself “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” it even explains that clearly in the article.

  5. The prosecutions two strongest cases against GD have already collapsed, so you can imagine how the rest will go. I’m referring specifically to the acquittal of GD MP Barbarousis, concerning the case of the smashing of unlicensed stalls operated by illegal immigrants at the market of Messolonghi, and the acquittal of GD MP Ilias Kasidiaris for the Kanelli slap.

  6. Thugs vs Thugs? No Phil you are wrong. The Golden Dawn defendants and their lawyers were sitting quietly and patiently inside the courtroom when Leftist terrorists from the Leftist terrorist organization “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” barged into the courtroom and tried to physically assault them. The lawyer for ex-GD MP Stathis Boukouras even alleges that a senior prosecuting lawyer named Thanassis Kampagiannis, who represents a group of illegal immigrant Egyptian fishermen at the trial, pointed to the Golden Dawn legal team, and shouted to the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei terrorists saying, “these are the legal representatives of Golden Dawn, go and beat them up.” Search You Tube for, “Δικηγόρος υποκινεί τους Πυρήνες της Φωτιάς” particularly at 1 min 13 secs into this video where Stathis Boukouras lawyer tells Thanassis Kampagiannis that she will be taking legal action against him for his attempted fascilitation of violence against GD’s lawyers.

    Thanassis Kampagiannis also works for the Leftist “Analyze Greece group.” If you read the “About” section of the Analyze Greece group they call themselves, “writers and organizers of the Left”

  7. I agree many of the Marxists and anarchists are thugs but Golden Dawn was clearly involved in violence to.

    In a representative democracy there is only one political party allowed to use force… whomever was elected. Even then they cannot use force indiscriminately to silence opposition They can only use force against foreign threats and any citizens that break the law (laws that include a few fundamental rights and applicable to all citizens irregardless of political affiliation)

    On the other hand freelance violence by unelected thugs … is what is know as terrorism. Such violence is undemocratic (including riots for alleged “democracy” when the party in power was fairly democratically elected). If ND supporters were out on the streets right now rioting like our leftist fanatics have been doing these last few years I would be denouncing them as terrorists. Of course ND supporters never riot because despite the party’s mistakes it is one of the few parties in Greece that actually practices democracy in more than just words.

  8. On January 8th 1991 Leftist Νίκος Τεμπονέρας was brutally murdered by Ιωάννης Καλαμπόκας, who was a member of New Democracy and advisor to the New Democracy party in Patras. Ofcourse New Democracy MPs were not subjected to mass arrests, nor were they charged with being members of a criminal organization posing as a political party. Just 10 days after Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P was fatally stabbed in a drunken street brawl sparked by an argument over a football match, the police began arresting elected Golden Dawn MP’s, just because the thug with the knife had briefly sympathised with Golden Dawn. I hope you can see the double standard here. Every political party in Greece (and probably in the world) has had overly enthusiastic supporters, misguided supporters, who get involved in street fights with supporters of other political parties, and these brawls can sometimes end in tragedy, but it is farcical to arrest the entire parliamentary grouping of party MPs because a supporter involved himself in a street brawl and fatally stabbed his opponent. The death of Pavlos Fyssas was used as an excuse by New Democracy to imprison the MPs of an opposing political party.

  9. but but but but but you are a golden dawn apologist. remember New Democracy is just a more mature version of Golden Dawn.

    and yes they do hate ALL resistance fighters. look at your friend’s MSMLies disqus history and how he has never praised the heroic Greek resistance and how he actually has comments calling them cowards and deserving of what they got (death in many instances) for resisting the nazis. he also has quotes heaping praise on German SS pilots in bombing Athens and other SS officers killing Greek civilians. this is all out in the open

    no one has ever said only the left fought the nazis. the resistance groups were from the left and the right. Not to mention the fiercest and possibly the most famous resistance, which started around this time 70 or so years ago, in Crete was comprised of center-right wing groups . your obsession with labels is a bit sickening.

    both the left and right committed treason during the black years. treason doesn’t have a political face. it was far right groups, the ancestors of Golden Dawn, which collaborated with the Nazis (security battalions and on some levels the Xites) to kill Greek civilians and military personnel. It was the right that committed the White Terror. it was the right wing Ioannis Rallis, leader of the security battalions, who was actually tried and convicted of treason and died in prison.

    It was the left that committed barbaric atrocities, killing anyone suspected of aligning with the government much like in the White Terror, in Athens after they were 2 timed in the Varkiza agreement by the right and the UK. But the situation up north in the border regions was different than down south, and it was the left that committed the final treason to try to rip apart the Greek state and side with Tito/Stalin.

    moderation is key

  10. I am not a golden dawn apologist you slanderous liar. I don’t support GD. I support Samaras. I just don’t praise treasonous communists that betrayed their country to IMRO.

    You are so blinded by your politics you don’t even objectively see the antihellenism and treason going on in Syriza today. Several of their MPs supported VMRO these last few years. The Communist Tendency, part of Syriza, openly have a party platform supporting Skopje. Virtually to a man any Greek that calls Skopje “Macedonia”… supports Syriza.

    If the treason continues, eventually leftist “Greeks” are going to have to decide. Hellenism or their leftist ideology.

  11. Golden Dawn are undemocratic brutes but unprincipled leftist morons gloss over massive violence and vandalism commented by leftists these last few years (see endless riots for what is framed as “democracy”). Some in Syriza even want to release a convicted Marxist terrorist murderer for goodness sake.

  12. a man who destroyed the country is not interested in Hellenism. seems like you support a treasonous party. and how many members of syriza are part of communist tendency? 1? 2? and he can’t even get syriza to block an alliance with kammenos. further, they have no platform stating such.

    i am not a syriza supporter. don’t confuse my criticism of Greece’s #1 traitor as support for Syriza.

  13. You’ve repeatedly defended Tsipiras here now act like you haven’t. Several of Syriza MPs support Skopians. Going to apologize for that too?

  14. attacking Samaras is not defending Tsipras. why is that so difficult to understand

    who do you think you are? seriously? putting words in other people’s mouths and calling HALF of Greece traitors because they didn’t vote for Samaras. Many of these people who did not vote for Samras come from areas that historically fought the turks, the nazis, and the commies. PATRIOTIC areas and you call them traitors from 5000 miles away?

  15. Nowhere have i defended Golden Dawn you slanderous liar. You have a serious problem functioning in reality.