German Judge: “Greece’s Claims for Repayment of WWII Loan Are Just”


    A top judge at Germany’s Supreme Administrative Court said Greece’s demand that Germany pays back the loan the country was forced to give during WWII is “just”, according to an article in German magazine Der Spiegel which will be published on Saturday.

    According to the article, titled “Just claims”, Judge Dieter Deiseroth is quoted as saying that “there’s a lot of evidence to suggest it was a loan,” adding that the Greek claim to repay is just.

    Deiseroth notes the request for individual compensation for victims could also be granted and that there cannot be a limitation period for Greece ‘s claims as a result of the Two Plus Four Agreement, which is a classic example of an agreement against a third party.

    “Greece has not waived its demands,” Deiseroth explains, as it was never expressed in writing and “there’s no waver through silence.” He also suggested that Greece appeals to the International Court of Justice, if the country wants to claim the loan, which however requires the agreement of Berlin, or alternatively, OSCE’s Court of Conciliation and Arbitration.

    Last week the greek government started a campaign to inform audiences at Athens’ subway about the atrocities performed during the Nazi occupation in Greece to support its reparation claims to Germany.

    The 50-second video clip shows footage from the Nazi occupation (1941-1944) that has cost Greece hundreds of thousands deaths and hundreds of billion in damages and looting. The short film is shown in 35 metro stations of the Greek capital.

    (source: ana-mpa)


    1. As far as I know the loan had a 0% interest rate. And at the rate it spends Greece will go through that in no time, anyway. All countries had patrticulary unsavoury episodes in their pasts. And 70 years sound like time enough to let bygoneds be bygones. Also the timing couldn’t be more suspicious.Nazi Germany was a very dark period. And Greece wasn’t the only victim. But presnt day Germans these are not nazis. Or are just as nazi as present day Greeks, or British or French. But Germans are an easy prey. Because of their past and because of their relative success. What i cannot understand is why Greece seems toi think it’s different and entitled to different rules than other similar southern countries, like Portugal, for example. Salaries in Greece are much higher (they always have been and still are). At both extremes: their minimum wage is almost double that of Portugal, Mr Tsipras earns nearly 17,000 euros a year more than Portugal’s PM. The cost of living in Lisbon (Portugal’s capitial) is higher than in Athens. So why on earth could Portuguese people (and Ireland and Spain) tighten their belts and come out of their bailout successfully and not the Greeks?!

    2. No, I cannot. I wan’t born then and I don’t live in a country that occupied by nazi Germany, anyway. However, other countries were and their population was also forced to work in nazi German industries and atrocities were also commited by the nazis in those other countries. It was a very dark episode for humankind. That said, those other countries seem to have moved on, both economically (whatever their present economic woes they don’t blame it on something that happened more than 70 years ago) and psychologically.