Greek Director Costas Gavras: ‘Some People don’t want Tsipras to Succeed’

costa-gavrasThere are some people who don’t want Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his government to succeed in Europe because they prefer to have “yes-men,” award-winning Greek-French film director and producer Costas Gavras told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency in an exclusive interview.

“There’s a new movement in Greece and some people don’t want it to succeed,” Gavras said from Cannes, France, where he has been invited as guest of honor at Cannes Classics, a selection dedicated to heritage films. Commenting on the ongoing negotiations between Greek authorities and its partners, the director, who is known for his political films, said the country’s creditors “want the previous government to come to power and do what they want them to do. Not to have any resistance.”

He also said he agrees with the tactic followed by Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. “Varoufakis spoke to them as an equal and they don’t want that. They want a yes-man.”

The director said things in Greece can and should change and people must support the Tsipras government. “He’s young, he has no past. Everyone should find the courage to vote for him to see what he’ll do. To change things.”

Asked about the war reparations issue, he referred to statements made recently by the German President and added that “this money must at some point be paid. No one else before Tsipras asked for it [war reparations]. It was Greece’s old problem, the yes-men imposed by foreigners.”

Gavras has appeared in Cannes many times in the past to promote his films, most famously in 1969 when he won the Jury Price and Best Actor award for Jean-Louis Trintignant with the film “Z.” The film also won the Oscar for Best foreign film. This year, the premier film festival has scheduled a screening of “Z” for Monday, in a restored version.

(source: ana-mpa)