Greek Opinion Poll: SYRIZA Holds Significant Lead Over New Democracy

poll3SYRIZA leads by 21 percentage points over Greece’s main opposition New Democracy in voting intention, according to an opinion poll conducted by Macedonia University. According to the survey, 36.5% of participants chose SYRIZA, 15.5% New Democracy, 6.0% “To Potami,” 6.0% Golden Dawn, 4.0% Greek Communist Party (KKE), 3.0% Independent Greeks (ANEL) and 3.0% PASOK.

Asked on who they believe is more suitable for Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras was preferred by 50%, followed by Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader Panos Kammenos with 25.5%, “To Potami” leader Stavros Theodorakis with 22.5%, Greek Communist Party leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas with 16%, main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras with 15.5% and PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos with 13.5%.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. New Democracy has collapsed to 15.5% and is falling fast. Consider that on the January 25th, 2015 National Elections SYRIZA scored 36.3% and New Democracy scored 27.8% , now 4 months later SYRIZA still remains stready on 36.5% whilst New Democracy has collapsed to 15.5% and is rapidly headed into electoral irrelevance just like PASOK which barely scrapes in 3% at this poll.

    Asked on who they believe is more suitable for Prime Minister this article gives the % results for the leader of every political party represented in the Hellenic parliament, except for Nikolaos Michaloliakos who represents Greece’s 3rd most popular political party, Golden Dawn. He doesn’t even get a mention. This is blatant undemocratic censorship. I hope to see this type of censorship stopped. It was the vote of the Hellenic people that placed Golden Dawn in the position of 3rd most popular political party, and this should be respected.

  2. As is often the case with polls the questions asked and those interviewed are skewed to the pre-desired outcome of the sponsor. It come as no surprise that ND trails as they have yet to come up with IDEAS and/or a plan of action towards recovery they merely sit on the sidelines and snipe. It is as if Samaras’ ND was perfectly contented to bleed Greece white of industry and financial resources necessary for any hope of a recovery.