Greece’s Biggest Brain Drain Since the Time of Socrates

ImageHandlerGreece is losing its priceless human capital as the economic crisis continues, which is leading to the biggest brain drain in history since the time of Socrates, according to a Market Watch report.

The country’s brightest workforce is leaving to seek careers abroad as the Greek economy shrinks and bankruptcy looms large. An estimated 180,000 to 200,000 well-educated Greeks have fled to seek their fortune abroad. This is about 10% of the total of university-educated individuals.

According to a European University Institute study cited in the report, 88% of those left hold a university degree, over 60% hold a master’s degree and 11% are Ph.D holders. 79% of them actually had jobs when the crisis started but decided to leave because they felt there was “no future” in the country (50%) or professional opportunities (25%).

The impact of the brain drain is substantial for an economy that has lost 25% of its gross domestic product since the crisis began. It is affecting income and consumption taxes, but most importantly it denies Greece the brain power that would regenerate the economy by creating higher value production, according to Joan Vidra, chief of the sovereign-ratings department at ARC Ratings.

At the same time, around 35,000 young Greeks are currently studying abroad and could decide to seek employment outside the country, the report said. In Greece, 70% of university graduates would like to work abroad and 10% of them are actively searching for employment in another country.

Most educated Greeks migrate to the United Kingdom, while Germany and the Netherlands follow as migration choices. Overall, economy and finance graduates are snatched by British companies, Germany attracts people in the medical profession, while engineers go to the Middle East.


  1. 200,000 well-educated Greeks have immigrated legally to other EU nations, and some have gone as far away as the USA, Canada and Australia, and in return millions of unskilled illegal 3rd world immigrants have poured into Greece. Today a New Democracy minister admitted there could be up to 4 million illegal immigrants in Greece. I will try to find out his name. All of this is a recipe for the death of a nation. There have been “brain drains” in the past, perhaps not on this level, but they’ve occurred, there has been mass, legal emigration from Greece following WW2, the civil war, etc, but never before has this outflow of the most educated, motivated and productive Greek citizens been accompanied by an inflow of millions of illegal 3rd world immigrants. It is imperative for the survival of the Greek nation that all illegal 3rd world immigrants be swiftly arrested and deported to their nations of origin. The only political party willing to implement such a rapid deportation program is Golden Dawn. Every effort must be made to awaken the Hellenic people to the fact that Golden Dawn is quite literally their only hope for survival, they must vote Golden Dawn into power for the sake of the nation.

  2. People with your poor attitude, and education, is part of Greece’s problem today. People with your attitude are the ones destroying your own country.

    If you speak with these educated Greeks as I have, they will tell you they had to get away from the Greek mindset that lives in the past.

    As the other commenter stated. Greece can not afford this to continue.

    If Greece, which is now heading to be a third world country, ever wants to become a great nation again, the Greek people are going to have to change their ways.

    Einstein once defined the word “insanity” as repeating the same thing over again, expecting a different result.

  3. Immigrants, are only a very small problem, compared to the other major problems Greece has.

    Golden Dawn ? The entity “Golden Dawn” and the word “intelligence”, are NOT synonymous.

    I commented below about educated Greeks I have spoken with, who left Greece. They told me they had to get away from the “Greek mindset” in Greece. Your comment makes me understand what they meant.

  4. Russia, a country in economic decline who was bankrupt in 1991, and 1999. Today, Russia’s economy is rated at “Junk Status”. Just like the Greek economy.

    Iran, an exporter of terrorism, who’s economy is in the trash bin, and about to get worse.

    Syria, now that’s a good one. Syria, looks like a bombing range, and has been taken over by ISIS.

    Yeah, I could see Golden Dumb becoming allies with those loser countries.

    Backings ? What backings ? Their economies are in shambles, just like the Greek economy.

    Great logic on your part. I think it’s safe to say your brain, is already drained.

  5. The KKE is not in power (thank God!).

    Syriza is still negotiating. I’m not prepared to say they are being shunned by Europe (or vice versa) until I see how that all turns out.

  6. ‘If you want these illegal immigrants out of Greece, quit electing people in to office that allow that’.

    That is what the Golden Dawn voters had in mind regarding the elections.

  7. See how foreigners constantly patronizingly stereotype Greeks (as if we are all the same). The racism towards Greeks is very real. Unfortunately our leftist morons have created a fantasy world for themselves where they think everyone loves then.

  8. Greek Reporter are leftists that support illegal immigration and endlessly whine in support of government handouts (attitudes that got our current commie basket cases elected)