Greece Presents Proposal on Stopping Illicit Trade of Cultural Goods at UNESCO Meeting

Nikos Xydakis
Greek Alternate Minister for Culture Nikos Xydakis expressed Greece’s full support for the UNESCO directives on the national policies to combat illicit trading of cultural goods, during his speech at the Third Meeting of States Parties to the 1970 Convention in Paris.

Xydakis also presented the Greek proposal on the issue called “Stop Illicit Trafficking,” which urges the 127 countries that have signed UNESCO’s convention to form a wider alliance that will strengthen legislation as well as police and customs authorities to help stop cultural goods from exiting a country without legal documents.

He also cited the harsh realities in war zones where cultural goods are looted: “Hellenistic antiquities have the sad privilege of being highly sought after on the international art market,” he said, adding that “a mission is being planned for Iraq to deal with this subject.”
(source: ana-mpa)