Greek Defense Minister: ‘United States Ask for Our Support on Russian Sanctions’

Panos Kammenos

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said that the United States attempted to encourage Greece to support a new round of Russian sanctions but Athens still enjoys sharing religious and economic bonds with its “friend” and “ally,” Moscow.

After his meeting with US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USDP) Christine Wormuth on Wednesday, Kammenos told reporters: “I was asked to extend the sanctions, particularly in connection with Crimea. I explained [to Wormuth] that the Ukrainian issue was very sensitive for Greece as some 300,000 Greeks live in Mariupol and its neighborhood, and these people feel safe near the [Russian] Orthodox Church.” He, also, added that Greece has already lost more than 4 billion due to the Russian sanctions.

Greece’s Defense Minister has often stated in the near past that his country continues to preserve strong ties with Russia, mainly in the sector of defense contacts. In April, Kammenos revealed to Russian news agency Sputnik that Greece plans to continue military-technical collaboration with Russia while he shared Greece’s desire to settle new agreements, if the EU sanctions against Russia end soon.


  1. Howcome issues like “sovereignty” and “territorial integrity” and such only seem to matter to your type when it’s convenient for you?

    Were you complaining when Kosovo was cut out of Serbia? Or how about when South Sudan was broken off?

    And I certainly don’t think you were complaining about the need to respect Syria’s sovereignty when the NATO powers and regional allies started funneling in weapons and jihadist fighters to terrorist “rebels” in Syria.

    Or for that matter countless other coups, invasions, and regime-changes. One need look no further than Ukraine itself. Where was the respect for Ukraine’s precious sovereignty when Victoria Nuland was handing out cookies to the Kiev Maidan?…

  2. No problem Greek Defence Minister. That $400,000,000.00 dollar loan you wanted the U.S. to loan Greece to upgrade military equipment ? Go ahead and buy Russian weapons since you want to ally Greece and Russia.

    Oh, and since you are allying yourself with Russia you don’t belong in NATO, so you’re out.

    We’ll close our military base in Greece as it’s not that strategic a location anyway, as we can operate out of Italy, or Cyprus which the Turks will occupy totally, since Greece is no longer in NATO we have no obligation to respond to any attack on Greece.

    The medical crisis in Greece with medical supplies. You can get those from Russia also. Yes, I know U.S. medical supplies are superior to Russia’s but you are allies now. Besides, American taxpayers are going to be happy none of their tax dollars will be wasted subsidizing U.S. medicines sent to Greece.

    Yes, Mr. Greek Defence Minister we understand your government will be upset with the U.S.. So in order to protect our citizens we will issue a travel ban of Americans going to Greece, and Greeks coming to the U.S. especially Greek government officials coming to the U.S. asking us for money. which includes you.

    Oh, did I mention a ban on Greek imports to the U.S. and exports from the U.S. to Greece.

    Yes, Mr. Greek Defense Minister, we realize this will bankrupt Greece, and will encourage Turkey as well as other countries will take a more aggressive approach to Greece since it no longer has NATO protection. But hey, Greece is Russia’s problem now. Russia is Greece’s ally now. Good luck.

  3. Phil, has a hard time dealing with facts, and he lives way in the past. Like 1940s past.

    He’s very obsessed with the Skopje issue, even though Greece is close to total economic collapse, which will make his Skopje obsession a mute point.

  4. What has Greece ever done for the U.S. ? Nothing. However, the U.S. has done much for Greece.

    Yes, there are many large Greek communities in the U.S. and those Greeks love the U.S. and think what is now occurring in Greece is the fault of Greeks. They love their country, but they don’t make excuses for what has occurred in Greece.

    You called the Greek Reporter a leftist newspaper. I’m conservative, and I don’t agree with your statement. However, for arguments sake let’s say you’re correct.

    One thing you can’t argue, is the Greek Reporter has made some very valid, and good points, which could help change Greece for the better. Do you ignore their ideas just because you consider them leftist ? That is stupid.

    If you have someone that thinks from the left, and you have someone that thinks from the right, but they both want the problem solved, you put both heads together to solve the problem. A smart businessman always listens to what someone else has to say, whether they like each other, or not.

    One thing I’ve learned about Greece Greeks, as opposed to Greek Americans. iGreece Greeks, like to talk a big game, but never do anything to make it happen. Greece Greeks, like to whine, and complain, then point their fingers at others, and blame others, for their own self inflicted problems.

    The Greek Reporter just brought up a point of no matter who is in power, nothing changes in Greece. Whose fault is that ? America’s ? Why do you Greeks keep electing these same clowns to office who rob the Greek people blind ?

    I just read here on the Greek Reporter, that elected Greek officials receive interest free loans, and are only required to re-pay €50.00 per month payments. Have you people lost your minds ?

    I minored in history in college. I alway loved Greek mythology, and reading about Greece. How it was the mother of democracy. How Greece invented technology, mathematics, medicine, and architecture. One of my college degrees is in architecture.

    So my question as an American is. How can a country, that set the world standard in it’s time for intelligence, all of a sudden start doing some of the dumbest things, I have ever seen a country do. Can you explain that to me, because I just don’t get it.

    I talk with young Greeks. They are extremely intelligent. If they walked into any of my businesses looking for a job in the U.S., I would hire them in a heartbeat, even over an American. So where did these young Greeks get their intelligence from ? How can young Greeks be so intelligent, and have such ignorant parents that allow these people now in government……… to stay in office ?

    Greece is the home of Sparta, Alexander the Great, etc., What happened ? Where is that pride, and courage, to stand up against the injustice Greeks are experiencing now.

    It is time for Greece to demand it’s leaders, whether left, or right, to put their people first, before themselves. That is what a leader does. I have said this often lately. Greece needs a modern day Leonidas, who was willing to do anything for his people, and to protect them. As history shows, Leonidas did that, and made the ultimate sacrifice to do it.

  5. “So my question as an American is. How can a country, that set the world
    standard in it’s time for intelligence, all of a sudden start doing some
    of the dumbest things, I have ever seen a country do. Can you explain
    that to me, because I just don’t get it.”

    The strength of ancient Greeks wasn’t their intelligence. The strength of ancient Greeks was their culture. At least some of us still protect Greek culture today but much of our culture is not just Greece’s anymore. It’s the entire worlds.

    Unfortunately some in the world expect Greeks to conform to some supermen standard because of that illustrious past. We are people like everyone else. Good qualities. Bad qualities. Good times. Bad times.

    There is nothing intrinsically horribly about Greeks. It’s just on the bad end of the cycle. Too many Greeks can only think about how to sponge of their government (and the EU) rather than what they can do to help their country or what they can personally produce. (i.e. too many far left extremists that try to pawn themselves off as “moderates” but then vote for communist).