‘The Days of Yanis Varoufakis are Numbered’

ωαροθφGreek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has received yet another attack from the European press, this time from German financial newspaper Handelsblatt that talks about a “Varoufexit.”

The German newspaper based its criticism on Varoufakis’ claim that he had secretly recorded the conversations of Eurozone Finance Ministers at the Riga Eurogroup. The Greek Finance Minister told the New York Times about wiretapping the meeting.

Using the term “Riga Gate,” the Handelsblatt report said that if indeed he secretly recorded the meeting, it is very unlikely that he will maintain his post as Greece’s Finance Minister.

The writer of the report argued that the relations between Varoufakis and his European Union colleagues are already at their worst state, and after his admission of the wire-tapping will become even worse. He also wondered if the Greek Finance Minister has secretly taped other Eurogroup meetings, while stressing that from now on it is very likely that European officials will be very cautious when speaking in front of Greeks.

On Thursday morning, Varoufakis denied that he secretly recorded the Finance Ministers meeting. While entering the Greek Finance Ministry, reporters asked him if his statement to the New York Times was true. To that, the Varoufakis replied, “Fairy tales, fairy tales, fairy tales.”


  1. European press reporting about the terrible performance of a finance minster is not an indicator of a European media conspiracy against Greece. Take that tin-foil hat of your heads, lol.

  2. Syriza is the party of treason but shameless leftist Greeks are too gullible and desperate for handouts to realize it. (…handouts which they will not get, Just more delusions of Greek leftists that fantasize they live in post nationalist leftopia)

    I would note… Communist Tendency (part of Syriza) now treasonously supports Skopje’s fascist VMRO in name dispute. Most of our leftists have said nothing to condemn Syriza. Many “Greek” Leftists prioritize their beloved communist leader and handouts over Hellenism and Greece.(much like they did during the civil war )

    english (dot) republika (dot) mk/greek-media-attack-syriza-radical-wing-over-macedonia/

    If Syriza members keep up their treason it may eventually lead to civil war again. “Greek” leftists are going to eventually have to choose again. Hellenism or their leftist ideology.