Greek Govt Seeking Comprehensive Deal Within Next 10 Days

SakellaridisGreece is seeking a comprehensive deal within the next ten days, government spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis said in statements to Greek TV on Friday. Sakellaridis noted that the agreement will cover all issues, including labor and social security ones.

Asked whether Greece will retreat to the IMF’ harsh demands, he said that Athens has set its red lines and does not intend to take a single step back “in this manner.” He confirmed that Greece’s creditors are asking for two VAT rates – 11% and 23% – adding that they have proposed the imposition of a 23% VAT on the energy sector. Greece has proposed three VAT rates – 7%, 14% and 22%.

Asked on debt issue and whether it will be included in the agreement, Sakellaridis said that the Greek government has raised the matter from the very beginning. “It is an objective problem … and by no means can we say that it does not exist,” he said, adding that whether it will be included in the agreement “will depend on how mature conditions are.”

In reply to a question, he said that “there is no problem with Mr Varoufakis and he can continue to negotiate with his partners to the extent that everyone respects the confidentiality of the discussions.”

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. :”Asked whether Greece will retreat to the IMF’ harsh demands, he said
    that Athens has set its red lines and does not intend to take a single
    step back “in this manner.”

    What a two faced liar. Our leftist propagandists have already backtracked by even agreeing to negotiations for cuts in exchange for more bail out funds. The liars assured the leftist geniuses that voted for them that they would exit the bail out. (just like their last great leftist savior Papandreou did)

    Their negotiations to try and save face won’t get anywhere. The EU will say to them either you stick with austerity or GTFO. Syriza will either leave with its tail between its legs (but try to spin it and accept cuts are hear to stay (no doubt try to spin it as a ‘victory” to try and hide their stupidity)…. … or get kicked out of the Euro and starting cutting even further (since they won’t have enough money to pay without fresh EU money coming).

    If the latter happens… our brilliant leftists will get their wish. Greece will become a 3rd world nation overrun with illegal migrants. They can also kiss their Greek identity good-bye when unprincipled communists eventually sell Greece out to irredentist fascists in Skopje again (to show them how they are against nationalism!) Down the road, End of Greece. Joke of the world. … thanks to “Greek” leftists

    If this is the path leftists want to go down, Greeks needs to start preparing for post Greece and ethnic separation from “Greek” leftists (leftist ideology is incompatible with Hellenism as its policies work to destroy it) Helllenic organizations need to be formed that exclude leftists. Their priorities are ultimately to their leftist ideology not Hellenism.

  2. Do not judge the left by groups like SYRIZA. There are many left-wing oriented people who are patriotic and who care about what’s right. Unfortunately, SYRIZA is more concerned about their own populist incompetent agenda rather than what’s right for Greece. Greece needs to stop blaming Germany for Greece’s issues and start working on reforming the Greek state. Many people in Greece (leftist and rightist) have this incompetent ego about how good their political ideology is rather than coming together and working on solving the issues that affect Greece.