Greek PM Tsipras: ‘We Have Made Concessions but we Also Have Red Lines’

SYRIZA party The Greek government seeks a viable solution in its ongoing negotiations with creditors and not just an agreement, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Saturday during a speech at the opening of SYRIZA‘s central committee meeting in Athens.

“We will not accept humiliating conditions in this negotiation. The majority cannot respond to new measures,” he told lawmakers, adding that “we will not accept unreasonable demands” while he called on creditors to show willingness for compromise.

“We have made concessions but we also have red lines,” he said.

Referring to demands for labor law reforms, Tsipras said: “We are not discussing further deregulation of the labor market. On the contrary, we are ready to restore collective labor agreements.” He also said the government will not accept more pension cuts.

The Greek PM warned: “Those who can help find a viable solution should do so. Otherwise they should keep quiet.”

(source: ana-mpa)