Poll: Greeks Believe Govt Will Reach Agreement with Institutions

pollA nationwide survey that took place from May 20 to 22 showed that 61.2% of Greeks believe that the government will reach an agreement with the institutions, while 21.2% believe that the negotiations will lead to a dead-end.

Futhermore, 58.4% of Greeks believe that if an agreement is reached, this will lead to a new Memorandum, with taxes and austerity measures, just like before, and 25.2% or respondents believe that if an agreement is reached, it will be consistent with SYRIZA‘s pre-election commitments.

Apart from opposition voters who believe that the agreement will not be consistent with SYRIZA’s pre-election commitments, 34.2% of SYRIZA voters as well as 15.2% of Independent Greeks voters believe the same.

A strong minority of SYRIZA voters (29.1%) and 63.2% of Independent Greeks voters wish for a tougher negotiation process, even if this means that the country would have to exit the Eurozone.

Meanwhile, 49.2% of respondents stated that if the government reaches an agreement with the institutions, there will be no need for a referendum. However, if there is no agreement, then 52.6% of respondents were against snap elections and 49.3% agreed with the establishment of a broader coalition government.

Alexis Tsipras is still popular among Greeks, who are satisfied with his work and effort, even though his numbers have dropped by 5% since April. On the other hand, only 32.3% of Greeks are satisfied with the country’s new SYRIZA-led coalition government.