SYRIZA’s Left Platform: Creditors are Engaging in ‘Open Blackmail’

Panagiotis Lafazanis
Addressing SYRIZA‘s Central Committee meeting on Sunday, Productive Reconstruction Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis accused Greece’s creditors of “the harshest, open blackmail” in their handling of the negotiations with the Greek government.

The head of SYRIZA’s Left Platform strongly criticized the European officials saying that the “smiles conceal the reality.” He called for an agreement that was in line with SYRIZA’s programme, saying the voters had asked for the abolition of the memorandums and that the creditors’ goal was a breakdown in the talks and to “exterminate the government and the country.”

In this case, Lafazanis added, the government needed an alternative plan and to counterattack. He also expressed opposition to privatizations on ideological grounds and because “they would not help to reduce fiscal deficits.”

Lafazanis concluded that the Greek government needed a plan in case it was unable to pay its creditors and to start preparing the people about what may happen next.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Creditors: Please pay us the money you borrowed.,

    Communists: Stop trying to blackmail us or we won’t pay our debts

    Creditors: Please stick to cuts and downsize your bloated government so you can finally balance your budget.

    Communists: Stop trying to blackmail us or we won’t pay our debts

    Creditors: Unless you stick to the plan your own country voluntarily agreed to we will regrettably have no choice but to stop giving you even more money to pay YOUR debts.

    Communists: Stop trying to blackmail us or we won’t pay our debts

  2. To be fair, we will be very interested to hear a better alternative or plan from you on how to reduce or better still, remove fiscal deficits without exercising austerity or selling the family heirloom. Increasing VAT on all fronts won’t be enough without the necessary infrastructures in place for its efficient collection nor achievable without every one paying the right income and/or other taxes. The lenders’ demand is not a blackmail, it is called long overdue grounding to inculcate some reasonable sense into the idle minds of a wayward black sheep in the family.

  3. The point of this exercise is to try and negotiate an alternative to the previous governments mess I do not believe that Syriza has ever said they would not honour there commitments what they and all of Greece wants is the ability to grow out of its present situation not to be strangled out of existence and by growing I mean the ability to have strong industries and a strong workforce they need to remove 50 years of corruption and modernise our internal systems but none of this can happen under the yolk of the present debt arrangement


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