New Democracy MP Bakoyiannis Fears Capital Controls in Greece

μπακογιάννη-βουλήNew Democracy MP Dora Bakoyiannis said she fears that Greece may be forced to enforce capital controls if no deal is reached by the coming three-day Pentecost weekend.

Speaking on Greek national television on Monday, the New Democracy lawmaker said the Greek government must come to an agreement with international creditors as soon as possible, otherwise it may be forced to enforce capital controls in banks.

Bakoyiannis called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to leave rhetoric aside and concentrate on sealing a deal with creditors by this weekend since Monday is a bank holiday. “If we do not have an agreement by Friday, I fear that there will be capital controls over the three-day weekend, as it happened in Cyprus,” Bakoyiannis said.

She also said that Tsipras must bring the proposed deal to Parliament so that “the rest of us can vote.” She suggested that all opposition parties should back the agreement so that the country avoids bankruptcy. She added that Greece should go to snap elections after the deal is passed through Parliament.

The government replied to Bakoyiannis’ statement through spokesperson Gavriil Sakellaridis. Speaking at Monday’s press briefing, Sakellaridis said that such scenarios are “unfounded and malicious.”