Greek Defense Minister’s Comment on NATO Airbase in Karpathos Causes SYRIZA Reactions

Panos Kammenos

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos caused his deputy minister to react on Monday after admitting that he proposed to the United States the establishment of a NATO airbase on Karpathos island.

Kammenos — chief of junior coalition partner ANEL — said that during his visit to Washington last week he proposed to the U.S. the formation of a NATO airbase on the island of the southeastern Aegean Sea. However, Deputy Defense Minister Costas Isichos — who belongs to SYRIZA — said in a newspaper interview that this is not a decision of the Greek government.

“Everyone has the right to express their opinion, often putting their own touch, but as SYRIZA’s representative in the ministry I want to be very clear that this is not a decision or a position of the current government,” Isichos said.

Kammenos said that he proposed the establishment of the base in order to facilitate NATO to combat the Islamic State jihadists who pose a threat to the region. Allegedly the defense minister also proposed the location of Kastellorizo, another southeastern Aegean island near the Turkish borders.


  1. Once again you delusionally bring up Nazis and Hitler, you sound like a broken record.

    As long as SYRIZA-ANEL remain in power, and if New Democracy finds a way to weasle back into power, most likely as a junior partner in a SYRIZA led coalition the US Navy will continue to have access to Souda Bay in Crete. The US Navy will lose access to Souda bay if the Hellenic people grant Golden Dawn the honour of governing Greece.

    You mention Evangelos Venizelos, well he is perhaps the most revolting political crook in Greece! Venizelos (real name Turkoglu as confirmed by Wikileaks) hid the Lagarde list in his home for 2 years and is implicated up to his fat neck in the Submarine corruption scandal.

    You wrote, and I quote:
    “one only need to take a look at what happened to the countries that came under Russian influence after WW2 and those that came under UK/US influence.”

    Yes indeed. Whilst the formerly communist Eastern European nations are economically poor, the UK/US influenced, EU member states are morally and socially degenerate and are facing outright demographic replacement due to massive 3rd world immigrantion, and also due to ceaseless waves of illegal 3rd world immigrants. Go to London (Londonistan), and you will think you are in Pakistan, or India, go to Paris and you will think you are in Nigeria, go to the EU capital Brussels and you will think you are in Morrocco, go to Berlin or Frankfurt and you will think you are in Ankara. At least in Eastern Europe the cities and towns are still comprised overwhelmingly by indigenous White Christian Europeans.

  2. How can they be our ally when they side with Albania instead of Serbia? How can we consider the USA our ally when the US ambassador of Cyprus says “I personally do not regard the Cyprus problem as a matter of invasion and occupation”.

    With NATO we can only have a master-slave relationship. Maybe with Russia we can have an equal-to-equal relationship.

  3. again watch your mouth and your insults.

    again just because someone does not support your beloved Samaras does not make them a communist. I defend no communists, but I will support those who improve the economy

    the economy is #1 right now and if being amicable with other countries helps Greece then there is NOTHING wrong with that.

  4. watch your mouth and your insults. who do you think you are labeling everyone as a commie and a fake Greek from 5000 miles away from Greece and insulting half of the country because they didn’t support your beloved Samaras

    attacking the previous government isn’t the same as defending the current one. the current one is running out of time to make a serious move

    yet you want to be friends with all the countries that helped the commies in the Greek civil war.

    the civil war happened 70 years ago – get over it and stop speaking about it in a way that is VERY TABOO in Greece. both the left and the right are the blame for what happened but eventually the Greek State and the right rightfully prevailed (mind you with a lot of help from the USA – who you hate)

    the entire EU does not hate Greece. far from it.

  5. how did i insult you?

    compare that vs you who is on this board day and night criticizing everyone, except golden dawn, that does not agree with you or who did not vote for Samaras as a commie traitor. compare that to you who from 5k miles away, having probably never visited Greece, calls half the country traitors

  6. the numbers are the numbers. Russia, and it’s Russian dirt poor sphere, has considerably more muslims on a per capita and absolute basis than any of those cities you mention.

    Assad bombed Greek civilians. Ask those civilians and the 1000s of others killed by his regime, to include many Christians if Syria was ever a peaceful nation. Not that the other side is better. Iran has provided weapons to many jihad groups, which apparently you support in your blind hate of the US.

    hilarious seeing you ranting on and on about 3rd world non human invaders, now coming to the defense of Iran and Syria, the country where a good amount of these “non-humans”, in your own words come from

    agree with sentiments about Iraq. just because the US in another administration screwed up Iraq, does not mean that the US is forever forbidden from dishing out accusations.

  7. You Wrote: “Iran has provided weapons to many jihad groups, which apparently you support in your blind hate of the US.”

    You are spewing lies and slander. I absolutely abhor Islamist terror organizations like al-qaeda and ISIS which the US government funded, trained, armed and created. The US government supported Osama Bin Laden in the 1980’s during the Soviet-Afghan war. It was the CIA, Mossad, M16, and the Turkish government which armed Syrian rebels most of whom went on to join ISIS and the al-qaeda affiliated al-nusra front.

    WATCH on You Tube: Wesley Clark: “Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah” WATCH on You Tube: “Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney admits “We Helped Build ISIS”

    You wrote: “hilarious seeing you ranting on and on about 3rd world non human invaders”

    Non-human? Really? Actually what I write is “illegal 3rd world immigrants.” I’ve referred to illegal immigrants that have murdered and raped Greek citizens as subhumans, which they are, just as I would refer to rapists of any race as sub-humans.

    Syrian President Assad has the full support of Syrian Christians as he protects them from US funded Sunni Jihadist Rebels, even Obama admitted that Assad protects Syria’s Christians. US President Barack Obama surprised his visitors, the delegation of Eastern Christians patriarchs, when he told them that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “protected the Christians in Syria.”
    GOOGLE: Obama: Assad Protected Christians In Syria – MintPress News


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