Greek Finance Ministry: Proposal on Taxing Bank Transactions Has Been Dropped

A proposal on taxing bank transactions which was presented during the ongoing negotiations at the Brussels Group has been withdrawn following reactions by the Greek finance ministry, the ministry said in a press release on Tuesday. It also said it rejected a proposal to impose a levy on bank withdrawals from ATMs.

“During the negotiations with the Brussels Group, a proposal was submitted to tax bank transactions. The finance ministry disagreed and said that, as far as using plastic money, web banking and bank transfers is concerned, the aforementioned proposal is against the ministry’s policy to provide incentives for reducing cash transactions,” the press release said.

“Eventually, the proposal on taxing bank transactions (including ATM withdrawals) were withdrawn from negotiations after reactions by the Ministry,” it added.

Main opposition slams FinMin Varoufakis for ‘fastest self-refutation’

Main opposition party New Democracy (ND) on Tuesday criticized Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis for suggesting he was considering taxing ATM withdrawals and later rejecting it.

“We would have congratulated him, but unfortunately, it’s not funny. It’s dangerous,” Anna Asimakopoulou, ND lawmaker said in a statement, adding that Varoufakis “managed to enter in the Guinness book of records today” for the fastest self-refutation.

(source: ana-mpa)


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