Jailed Terrorist Maziotis Sends Attack Threats from Behind Bars

maziwtis_531_355_531_355Imprisoned terrorist Nikos Maziotis threatened that there will be new terrorist attacks through a text posted on an anarchist website.

Through the text, Maziotis calls Greeks to revolt by creating a revolutionary platform. He explains that revolution means that a big part of society overtakes power with guns and violence.

The text concludes with the phrases: “Armed assault to occupy all forts of power, the Parliament, ministries, banks and the Bank of Greece. We will disarm the Police and Army. Social revolution is the only solution.”

Maziotis is currently in Korydallos prison in the same wing as the imprisoned members of the anarchist group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire. He is currently on trial in the Court of Appeals for the case of his own anarchist group, Revolutionary Struggle.


  1. They should put him him a cell with one of your GD pals. They can discuss which one is the better terrorist.

  2. GD is Greece’s 3rd most popular political party, and is not facing any charges or accusations of terrorism, so what you wrote is once again nothing but calculated slander and complete nonsense. GD has been subjected to terrorism by Leftist terrorists. On November 1st, 2013 Leftist Terrorists cold bloodedly shot and executed Golden Dawn members Manolis Kapelonis 22, and Giorgos Fountoulis 27, as they stood chatting outside Golden Dawn party offices. The police correctly labelled this a terrorist attack.
    Lambros Fountoulis, the bereaved father of Giorgos Fountoulis, was elected at the May 2014 EU parliamentary elections to serve as a Golden Dawn MEP at the EU Parliament in Brussels.