‘Kos Not A Party Paradise But A Refugee Shelter’

kos_migrants3“Almost 1,200 migrants – some crammed onto overcrowded inflatable dinghies – have been picked up by Greek authorities in the eastern Aegean Sea in the past two days,” correspondents for the British newspaper Daily Mail Jenny Stanton and Mario Ledwith mentioned in their article published on Tuesday.

Although the article is intended to highlight the plight of refugees arriving in Dodecanese islands from neighboring Turkey, it mainly focuses on the island of Kos, a popular tourist destination for UK teens.

According to the British newspaper, “after Italy, financially crippled Greece is the main destination for refugees, mostly from war-ravaged Syria plus economic migrants seeking a better life in the EU” with the total new arrivals exceeding 30,000 this year.

Kos is situated approximately two miles from the southwestern Turkish region of Bodrum and the journey from the Turkish port to the Greek holiday island takes around 20 minutes. In order for the desperate migrants to cross the Aegean Sea in search for a better life, up to 800 euros should be paid to smugglers for a place on a boat.

In their article, Stanton and Ledwith expressed their opinion that “this influx will fuel fears that Greece could unleash a wave of economic migrants to travel to Britain and the rest of Europe.”

“Greek politicians have threatened to hand travel papers to vast numbers of people, including 10,000 migrants held in detention centers, in the row over EU austerity measures,” the journalists mentioned, while they continued saying that the proximity of the country to Turkey has caused serious concern that jihadis could use this route to get into Europe. They did not also hesitate to add that “it is feared that some of the people trafficking gangs are linked to IS, with smuggling fees used to fund the group’s terrorism.”


  1. “Almost 1,200 ILLEGAL immigrants – some crammed onto overcrowded inflatable dinghies – have been picked up by Greek authorities in the eastern Aegean Sea IN THE PAST TWO DAYS!”

    The indigenous Hellenic people are on the path to being transformed into an irrelevant minority in their own ancestral homelands by endless waves of illegal, primarily muslim, 3rd world immigrants!

    This is an outright colonisation of Greece by illegal 3rd world Islamic hordes!

    Both SYRIZA and New Democracy share the same globalist vision for Greece, which is to create a multiCULTural Greece, a Greece that is a potpourri of races.
    ONLY Golden Dawn has as its central platform safeguarding the biological existence of the Hellenic people by banning 3rd world immigration, deporting all illegals, and upholding Orthodox Christian family values.

  2. You make no secret of your love for Golden Dawn. I said go and talk to them because you won’t get any anti-immigrant or xenophobia from me and that’s what you are looking for. I have enormous sympathy for Greeks, who have suffered so much in this financial crisis but it is not the fault of immigrants or foreigners.

    I have every right to comment on whatever I like. You are not the judge and jury on Greece. By the same token, you are free to say what you wish and comment on whatever subject is open for discussion… whether you live there or not. Just don’t act all hurt and wounded when someone disagrees with your anti-immigrant stance on everything and your allegiance to Golden Dawn.