Greece can Help Iran Achieve ‘Mutually Respectful’ Deal

Zarif_KotziasIran will not accept excessive demands that do not show the required respect regarding its nuclear program, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jivad Zarif said in a joint press conference with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias after their meeting in Athens.

“Iran will not agree to being humiliated,” Zarif stressed. “If the other side respects what was agreed at Lausanne…then there can be a comprehensive agreement that will be sustainable and balanced and can be seen as a mutually respectful.”

If these conditions are met, then the agreements will be upheld. If there are excessive demands and renegotiations, it will be hard to expect an agreement before the deadline, he added.

He expressed hope for a good outcome in a “reasonable space of time” and stressed that all sides must remain calm and pragmatic, without excessive demands, in order for this to happen.

Greece could play a significant role by convincing the other side and helping them understand that Iran could accept agreements, provided all sides can be certain of a positive result, Zarif added.

“Either we will all win together or we will all lose together. That is how the international community works and I believe that Greece, as a UN and NATO member-state, with a deep sense of its history and cultural tradition, can convince our friends and those that are not our friends that they must evaluate and understand this reality,” he said.

Earlier, Kotzias and Zarif said that relations between Iran and Greece are preparing to expand in many areas, outside of existing sanctions, but also in preparation for the post-embargo era.

They said special emphasis will be given to energy cooperation and transport with the assistance of the Greek merchant fleet, as well as a direct air link between Athens and Tehran.

The two sides are also boosting political cooperation for stability and peace in the Middle East, and to deal with the threat of jihadi terror, they said.

(source: ana-mpa)