5+1 Reasons To Live Your Summer Myth In Greece

Greek Summer

The countdown till summer has begun and Greece becomes the glowing oasis for anyone demanding only the best for his exodus from everyday life. Because while at work, you daydream about exotic scents and bright colors by the sea, tanned skin tones, frantic night-outs and the appropriate mood for exciting marine trips. Spend your holidays in Greece this summer and you won’t regret it. Why?

1. Beaches

Greek LandscapesWith a great variety of beautiful islands to explore, Greece can be an exciting place for your next big step to the crystal-clear waters’ life-changing experience. From crowded bays to secret coves, you can easily spend your whole time hopping from one summer paradise to another. Rest-assured that with a total coastline twice the African continent, there is a beach for even the most demanding explorer.

2. Food

Greek SaladForget about the fast-food Greek corner shop in your neighborhood and come to eat the “real thing”! Situated at the crossroads between the east and west, Greek Mediterranean food has been enriched with the best elements of both worlds, delivering fabulous menus flooded with ingredients such as olive oil, feta cheese, tomatoes, olives, oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and lemon juice.

3. Entertainment

DCIM100GOPRODid we mention that bars don’t close at 2am? Greeks love to celebrate life and that is evident in their nightlife culture. Dress sharp and go to a beach, pool bar or nightclub where you can dance or enjoy a sunrise dip in the Mediterranean.

4. People

Greek HospitalityUnder the warm sun, Greeks can even become friends with Angela Merkel! The spirit of the Greek people is not at all affected by the current financial crisis and they continue their longstanding tradition of hospitality and friendliness. Their hug and honest smile will always be there to welcome guests with an “ouzo” and a “mezze” during their local celebrations. An extra tip for you is that more than half of Greeks speak English, much more than other European countries such as France, Italy or Spain.

5. Landscapes

SantoriniRelieve the scenery of your favorite part of Iliad or Odyssey, and enjoy dense forests, multicolored cliffs, houses painted with the traditional Aegean blue and white, and become an explorer of mysterious caves, golden bays, sprawling beaches and vast plains. Still not convinced?

6. History

HistoryGreece is a country with unique architecture and rich historical heritage with many ancient temples perfectly saved till the present day. The influence of Ancient Greek architecture is huge and can be seen in buildings across the globe, from the White House to the Louvre.


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