Greek Energy min. Lafazanis: Greece Will Probably Submit Request to Participate in BRICS Bank

Greece is preparing and will probably submit a request to participate in the new development bank for BRICS countries and has secured Russia’s support on the issue, Productive Reconstruction, Greek Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis told ANA-MPA.

“During my meeting with Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak, we secured the decisive Russian support to Greece’s request for participation in the new development bank of BRICS countries. The relevant request for Greece’s participation…will be symbolic and will be paid in installments, while right after operations begin, it will be able to accept financial support,” the minister said.

Lafazanis added that technical details were also discussed on how to submit the request so that it will be accepted after discussions within the Greek government conclude.

In addition, he noted that he also discussed the credit facility that will be provided by Russian banks to the Greek company which will undertake the construction of the new gas pipeline which will cross Greece. “Repayment of the Russian loan will be achieved by the profits made through the operation of the pipeline and this facility is not related to loans or economic assistance between states,” he said.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. what makes this guy think that anyone is deluded enough to give the syriza morons more money when the country is about to go bankrupt?

  2. Yes, that is correct. No, that was stopped in the U.S., and China has not wiped out anything in the U.S.. If anything China has now become more dependent on the U.S. for it’s economy. The U.S. knows how to handle China, especially when it comes to business.

    China does try to dominate, and how it attempts to operate in a foreign country. Don’t be surprised to see a ban on China imports into the U.S. due to China’s island building in the China Sea. That would bring the Chinese economy to it’s knees, and send it back in time to Chairman Mao’s economy.

    What the world fails to see is China has been skating on thin ice with the U.S. for some time now. The U.S. has had about enough. Without the U.S. imports, and U.S. businesses, and manufacturing in China, China has no economy.

    The people that believe China is an emerging economic power fail to consider how vulnerable like Russia’s their economy is, and how dependent it is on the U.S.. Big mistake. The U.S. can pull the rug out from under China whenever it wants. China by their own admission needs the U.S. for their economy. The U.S. does NOT need China.

  3. So if a Greek citizen wants his/her country to have closer economic and military ties with Russia, then according to you they are a “radical.” How ridiculous.

    Greece has 4000 years of history, the Greek people have survived for millennia, and have been in far worse, far more difficult and dangerous situations than what they find themselves in today, and they pulled through. Greece will rebuild and prosper, and this is in no way dependent on investment from US companies which at any rate would only be looking to ruthlessly fleece Greece now that it is experiencing serious economic difficulties.

    The US government better get used to the reality that Greece will develop close economic and military ties with Russia. Other EU nations like Germany have far greater business ties with Russia than Greece does. Are you worried about that as well?

    The EU and Russia border eachother, it is inevitable that over the long run the relationship between the EU and Russia will need to be a strong and prosperous one in order to guarantee peace in Europe. US troop levels in Europe will continue to decline and will probably disappear altogether at the request of the EU. It’s just a matter of time.