Greek Crisis Featured in U2 Tour Video Screen [Video]

u2_473_355The Greek crisis makes a cameo appearance in the current U2 tour in the United States and Canada as the phrase “Unfuck Greece” along with footage from anti-austerity demonstrations in Athens’ Syntagma Square appear on the giant screen.

When U2 performed in Athens in September 2010, Bono had referred to the hard economic times Greece and Ireland were going through. This time, the band’s support to austerity-stricken Greece shows again during the Innocence + Experience World Tour.

Greece makes an appearance when U2 perform “Bullet the Blue Sky,” one of the band’s most political songs. On the gigantic stage screen appear images and political messages, such as Las Vegas footage, pictures from stock exchanges and images from the demonstration rallies against the economic crisis in Syntagma Square.

At 4:51 and 5:06 in the video below, the “Unfuck Greece” slogan appears. It is a slogan that appeared on a placard during the rally in support of the new Greek government last February.