Greece Seeks to Sign Memorandum for Natural Gas Pipeline with Russia‏

natural-gas-pipelineGreek Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis on Tuesday said that intense efforts were made to promote a significant project for Greece and Russia, the Greek Stream project. In an interview with Russia-24, following completion of a series of meetings in Moscow with Energy Minister Alexander Novak, deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak and Gazprom’s chairman Alexey Muller, Lafazanis said that the Greek natural gas project “puts another significant stone to the development of Greek-Russian relations, which is very important for Europe and particularly for the region of Southeastern Europe.”

The Greek minister said that the cost of the Greek Stream will reach 2 billion US dollars while he stressed that there was huge interest in the participation of the construction and management of the natural gas pipeline project. “From our side, the Greek state company will participate in the construction, while the funding of the project has to be resolved,” Lafazanis said. He added that the project will create around 20,000 new job positions in Greece.

“The pipeline will offer a significant boost to the Greek economy which is currently facing difficulties. All these will be to the benefit of the Greek people,” he said. Lafazanis said that Greece has the expertise for a fast and efficient construction of pipelines, adding that the Greek pipeline carrying Russian natural gas will contribute decisively to energy security and stability in our region and Europe. He said that Greece would probably sign a memorandum with Russia for the construction of the pipeline project during an International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, where a larger Greek delegation will arrive headed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“We will try to sign a bilateral memorandum between Greece and Russia for the political support of the project. By June 18-20 we will try actively to prepare this document which will offer political support positions,” he said. Commenting on a planned TAP pipeline project carrying natural gas from Azerbaijan, Lafazanis said Greece was accepting both projects. “We do not considered them to be rivals. On the contrary, we think they both contribute to energy supply of European countries. That’s why it is odd that the Russian project is raising concern and doubts in the US and the European Union,” he added. “We will not submit to the interests and wishes of any third country. Greece is nobody’s property. We move based on the interests of our people and our national interests. The country must become a development hub for Europe’s energy supply,” he noted.

Lafazanis said that sanctions imposed against Russia were “unacceptable, servicing only to create a new cold-war climate in Europe.” The Greek minister said that the government will accept any agreement with the so-called “institutions” which would include harsh measures against the Greek people.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. They are signing on to a project they don’t have the money to build, nor do they have the financing in place to build the pipeline. Lafazanis, is obviously not very bright. In most civilized countries it is illegal to enter into a contract you can’t perform on. Then again the Russian pipeline is only a theory, and does not exist.

    The U.S. should bypass, and will bypass Greece with the TAP pipeline that does exist. Greece’s alliance with Russia will make Greece an unreliable friendly country with the U.S., as well as the EU, and NATO.

    If Greece wants to support Russia let it. Greece should then be kicked out of NATO, as well as the EU, and let Greece join the Russian bloc. The U.S. should close it’s only base in Greece, and move on.

    With the anti-American sentiment in Greece now exposing itself, the American government should invoke a travel ban to protect American citizens. If Greece joins Russia, American sanctions should apply to Greece as an ally of Russia.

  2. TAP is a JV project between Swiss energy company EGL Group (now named Axpo), Norwegian energy company Statoil, and German electric utility company E.ON.

    THE US government HAS NO INVOLVEMENT IN TAP, nor do US Energy corporations. The US government favours TAP because the TAP project has no Russian participation.

    The total length of the pipeline will be 867 kilometres, of which 547 kilometres in Greece, 211 kilometres in Albania, 104 kilometres in offshore, and 5 kilometres in Italy. 

    Shareholders of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline are BP (20%), SOCAR (20%), Statoil (20%), Fluxys (19%), Enagas (16%) and Axpo (5%) NONE OF THESE ARE US COMPANIES!

  3. ▪ Colossal Russian energy company Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said Russia guarantees annual supplies of up to 47 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Central Europe through transit infrastructure to be constructed in Greece.

    ▪ Russia invites Greece to join BRICS bank.

    ▪ Russia has sent an official proposal to the Greek Defense Ministry to co-manufacture Kalashnikov rifles in Greece.

    President Putin is offering Greece several opportunities to strengthen economic-military ties with Russia. The Greek government should ignore US/EU bullying and strengthen ties with Russia.
    The USA is in decline, with total federal, state, and local, US government DEBT expected to reach $21.694 TRILLION by end of FY2015.
    Sooner or later the EU will either fragment or loosen ties with the USA, and strengthen ties to Russia. Europe’s future lies with Russia, which is a fellow European nation. It will be a Russian led Europe before too much longer. The USA should pack its bags and get out of Europe, its fighting a losing battle there. The USA should focus on containing China, and cease trying to spark wars on the European continent, as they are doing in Ukraine.


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