Golden Dawn Trial Suspended Once Again for June 22

Golden Dawn trial

The Golden Dawn trial was adjourned yet again and is set to resume on Monday, June 22, at a specially designed courtroom at Attica’s high-security Korydallos Prison due to defendants’ objections.

The presiding judge accepted the objections of the defense lawyers who called for the elimination of political action regarding the accusation of the neofascist party as being a criminal organization.

Pavlos Fyssas’ family members may attend the trial against Giorgos Roupakias and other people accused of their attribution as simple accomplices but not against Nikos Michaloliakos or current and former MPs of Greece’s far-right party who are accused of directing a criminal organization.

This is because, as the judge noted, only the direct victims of a criminal organization have the legal right to complain about moral damage and mental anguish. This means that only the Greek public can declare offenses because Golden Dawn’s actions are against society and civil claimants.


  1. The media plays a large role shaping opinion who is declared extremist and who is moderate.

  2. For people with principles popular opinion means nothing. Leftists are the ones that chiefly care about mob opinion.

  3. On January 8th 1991 Leftist Νίκος Τεμπονέρας was brutally murdered by Ιωάννης Καλαμπόκας, who was a member and advisor to the New Democracy party in Patras.

    New Democracy MPs were not subjected to arrests, nor were they charged with being members of a criminal organization posing as a political party.

    10 days after Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P was fatally stabbed in a drunken street brawl, police carried out mass arrests of elected Golden Dawn MP’s, just because the thug with the knife had briefly sympathised with Golden Dawn.

    I hope you can see the fascist double standard here.

  4. To learn the real reason GD MPs were arrested, GOOGLE, “Samaras close aide resigns over Golden Dawn contacts” and read about the secretly video taped confession made by Antonis Samaras’s Chief of Staff Takis Baltakos who admitted that Samaras ordered the crackdown on Golden Dawn to stop the party drawing support from New Democracy! Arresting your political opponents is real fascism!

  5. As usual Phil an over the top reaction :Leonidas ,kids with cancer and slander
    Wont change the fact that ND will be gone inside 12 months ,Venzelos is gone Samaras will be next