Distomo Commemorates on 71th Anniversary of Nazi Massacre

A series of events will commemorate the victims of the massacre committed 71 years ago by the Nazi occupation forces at Distomo, in the prefecture οf Voiotia, in central Greece.

The mayors and community leaders of towns and villages that suffered during the German occupation have pledged to preserve the memory of the massacres in order for future generations to be free of war atrocities and live in peace. The board of mayors and community leaders considers the commemoration as “a duty to those executed and to honor them.” The board also claims war reparations from Germany.

distomo-nekroiOn behalf of the National Council for the Assertion of German Reparations, lawyer Christina Stamouli said that a ruling by the Constitutional Court of Rome “reliably generated hope that the individual compensation that somehow was considered frozen, will be restarted.” Stamouli also said that there has been a move to find filed lawsuits from Distomo residents, and stressed the need for reconstitution of such a file.

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos will be present at the commemoration ceremonies along with Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece Ieronymos, Chairman of the House Zoe Konstantopoulou, government representatives, mayors and municipal leaders of villages that have suffered war atrocities.

A memorial service will be held at the Holy Church of Saint Nicholas, followed by a procession to the Mausoleum of Distomo, where there will be another memorial service. There, a speech will be by the mayor of Distomo-Arachova-Antikyra Yiannis Georgakis and wreaths will be placed at the mausoleum. Later in the afternoon, the President of the Hellenic Republic will be declared honorary citizen of Distomo.

2015-04-21-si_01Also, the painting “Distomo” by artist Costas Moustakas will be exhibited at the Museum of Nazi Victims at Distomo. The 2X4 meters painting, also called the Distomo Guerrnica, was donated to the museum by the painter.

The Distomo massacre took place on June 10, 1944, when for over two hours, Waffen-SS troops of the 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division under the command of SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Fritz Laufenbach went door to door and massacred Greek civilians as part of a ‘retaliation measure’ for a partisan attack upon the unit. A total of 214 men, women and children were killed in Distomo. According to survivors describing the atrocities, SS soldiers “bayoneted” babies in their cribs, stabbed pregnant women, and beheaded the village priest. However, there was no previous attack against German forces by Distomo villagers.

Following the massacre, a Secret Field Police agent accompanying the German forces informed the authorities that, contrary to Laufenbach’s official report, the German troops had come under attack several miles from Distomo and had not been fired upon “with mortars, machine-guns and rifles from the direction of Distomo.” An inquiry was convened. Laufenbach admitted that he had gone beyond standing orders, but the tribunal found in his favor, holding that he had been motivated, not by negligence or ignorance, but by a sense of responsibility towards his men.


  1. unreal. here you come touting this LIE again and trying to belittle the HEROIC Greek Resistance (yet again). Of course not a word commemorating and honoring the 250 or so civilians that your nazi heros massacred.

    In the entire history of Greek Resistance against the Arabs, then the Venetians, then the Ottomans, then the Bulgarians/Albanians/YugoSLAVS in Macedonia, and finally vs the Nazis almost no resistance actions were carried out near where they lived. It wouldn’t be an effective resistance if the HEROIC guerrilla groups of thousands of years only stayed near their homes.

    The ONLY thing that sparked that massacre, one of many by the Nazis, was the FACT that the NAZIS were a despicable group of people.

    Maria Sideri is a liar and an outcast in Distomo. Her relatives have shunned her and called her a liar and a shame on the village. These are relatives who actually survived the massacre and saw what happened with their own eyes. No members of the Greek resistance killed any civilians. These are FACTS as confirmed by Maria’s relatives who were actually there. A disgusting opportunist.

  2. At the time when Nazi Germany invaded Greece, Adolf Hitler was allied with Stalin, so the treasonous communist KKE offered no resistance to the German invasion. It was the Metaxas regime, the ideological ancestors of today’s Golden Dawn movement that resisted the German invasion.

    Panicked communists are terrified that Distomo locals like 23 year old Maria Sideri are daring to mention that communist guerillas chose the area around Distomo to ambush German soldiers because their own families lived nowhere near the region. The hysterical rage of elderly communists won’t stop this vital truth from getting out.

    If Maria Sideri has no supporters as you claim, then please explain to me how GD scored 6.94% of the vote at the 2014 Distomo municipal elections, with Maria Sideri as the local GD Distomo candidate.

    Nowhere does the Balkan Insight article I mentioned state that GD Nikolaos Michaloliakos came from a family of Nazi collaborators. Nowhere.

    Yes, Maria Sideri was a candidate for Golden Dawn at the 2014 Distomo municipal election where Golden Dawn took 6.94% of the vote. (double their 2012 result).

    The 2015 GD electoral result at Distomo fell to 4.3% because most GD MPs were locked up in pre-trial detention, banned from talking to the media, or under house arrest, i.e. the authorities effectively stopped GD from waging a pre-election campaign. GD MP Nikos Michos was not even allowed to leave his home to vote!

    GD received alot of votes at the 2012, 2014, and 2015 elections in Distomo, there is no excuse for the journalist ignoring Maria Sideri’s supporters, and basing his story on an interview with an 84 year old hardcore communist Maria Sechremeli, who is a distant relative of Maria Sideri. The worst sort of selective, biased journalism!

    No GD weapons arsenal was ever located by Greek police, so you are once again falsely slandering GD.

    When GD members Manolis Kapelonis 22, and Giorgos Fountoulis 27, were shot and killed by Leftist terrorists as they stood chatting outside GD party offices, the GD MPs immediately called for calm, and not a single Leftist was harmed in retaliation. So much for your rubbish claims that GD is a militarized organization.

  3. You wrote: “the parents of Manolis and Giorgos are disgusted that you are using their death for political gain.”

    – CHECK YOUR FACTS! Yes, the parents of Manolis Kapelonis do not wish for Golden Dawn to honour the memory of their son, but didn’t you know that following the murder of his son GIORGOS Fountoulis by Leftist terrorists, LAMBROS Fountoulis entered politics with Golden Dawn to honor his son’s memory, and was elected to serve as a Golden Dawn MEP in Brussels at the May 2014 EU parliamentary elections! LAMBROS FOUNTOULIS currently serves as a Golden Dawn MEP at the EU parliament in Brussels.

  4. You wrote: “metaxas disarmed half of Greece and for that reason Greece was not equipped for the German invasion.” – Are you really that clueless or are you lying deliberately?

    The German invasion of Greece had to take into account the fortifications CONSTRUCTED BY METAXAS in Northern Greece. These fortifications were constructed along the Bulgarian border and were known as the Metaxas Line.

    When Nazi Germany invaded Greece, Adolf Hitler was allied with Arch-Communist Stalin, leader of Soviet Russia, so the communist KKE offered no resistance to the German invasion. It was the Metaxas regime, the ideological ancestors of today’s Golden Dawn movement that resisted the German invasion.

    KKE was founded by Sephardic Jewish teacher Avraam Benaroya on 4 November 1918. It is the ONLY political movement in Greece that was not founded by an ethnic Greek, but rather by a Sephardic Jew.

  5. read about how Metaxas disarmed half the country especially down in Crete. this is NOT a lie. Greece had almost no weapons to fight the invaders. this is separate from the Metaxas line. The people who fought in the metaxas line ended up participating in many of the resistance groups up north. The people who fought the Italians were from all ends of the ideological spectrum, including KKE. Don’t try to monopolize yet another Greek historical event for your political gain. It was the communists that put up a fierce resistance vs the Germans in most of the country, with the exception of some center-right groups in Crete, Epirus, and Macedonia.

    the ideological ancestors of GD were nazi collaborators. they did NOT fight the Germans at all. They collaborated with them like kasidiaris and mihaloliakos lineage.

  6. In the August 6th Golden Dawn Web broadcast with hosts GD MP & party spokesperson Ηλία Κασιδιάρη, ELAM spokesperson Μαρία Μεζερέ and GD member Μαρία Σιδέρη-Τσάμη it was announced by Ilias Kasidiaris the main host of that episode that the grandmother of Maria Sideri Tsami (Μαρία Σιδέρη-Τσάμη) was tuning into the broadcast and they all sent out their greetings to her.
    So much for your ridiculous claims that Μαρία Σιδέρη-Τσάμη is shunned by her family.

    GOOGLE: “Χρυσή Αυγή Πολιτική Επικαιρότητα Ν 388”

  7. 1) she is and by the village
    2) people have more than 1 grandmother
    3) her grandmother tuning it doesn’t mean she isn’t shamed by her village and by relatives

  8. As I stated in a previous comment above, Golden Dawn took 6.94% of the vote at the 2014 Distomo municipal election (double their 2012 result) despite no state funding, and a barrage of slander from the media. So much for your ridiculous claim that Distomo village is ashamed of Μαρία Σιδέρη-Τσάμη. Her other grandmother was killed by Nazi German troops after communist insurgents ambushed and killed German troops near Distomo and then ran off refusing to defend the villagers. The families of the Communist insurgents whose ambush of German troops sparked the massacre lived nowhere near Distomo.

  9. meaning 93% did not supper XA and XA got less in 2015

    you don’t say the same thing about the Greek insurgents during the ottoman occupation when 1) they were fighting far away from their villages and 2) weren’t able to prevent the massacres of thousands of civilians as well

    i wonder why that is

    the entire point of a resistance is to fight wherever the enemy is and nearly all times this is not where one is originally from

    the only thing that sparked the massacre were the Nazis. NOTHING ELSE

  10. As I explained in one of my above comments, GD’s electoral result at Distomo fell from 6.94% in 2012, to 4.3% in 2015, because unlike in 2012, during the 2015 National elections most GD MPs were locked up in pre-trial detention, banned from talking to the media, banned from addressing party gatherings, or were under house arrest, i.e. the authorities effectively stopped GD from waging a pre-election campaign. GD MP Nikos Michos was not even allowed to leave his home to vote! It is very likely that elections will be held again before the end of this year, the results will be interesting. I don’t see you writing that the segment of Distomo’s population that didn’t vote ND, hate ND, or that the segment that didn’t vote SYRIZA, hate SYRIZA, or that the segment that didn’t vote KKE, hate KKE. You are quite selective in your interpretations aren’t you. Oh please, don’t compare the heroic Orthodox Christian Hellenic warriors of 1821 with the Stalin worshipping communist insurgents of WW2, who refused to fight against the 1941 German invasion of Greece, because at that point in time their hero Stalin was allied to Adolf Hitler as per the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

  11. the circulation of GD’s main newspaper is at an all time low. maybe if you didn’t want to be under house arrest, you shouldn’t run a criminal organization and murder and assault illegals and Greeks with orders from the top. if you could have run a full campaign, it would have made no difference (see circulation of your main newspaper). The other parties you brought up aren’t nazi parties. and second yes the people that didn’t vote ND/PASOK primarily hate those 2 parties

    The warriors in 1821 and 1941-1944 were BOTH HEROES (and Christian) who fought the invaders, unlike your party who collaborated with them. I will continue to bring both up. It’s funny you bring up the Stalin worshiping communists as you gloss over the HITLER WORSHIPING NAZIS that you are a part of STILL. Many of the fighters of EAM/ELAS and all the other HEROIC resistance groups that fought against the Nazis during the occupation, unlike your collaborating ilk, DID fight in the 1941 German invasion then went on to join various resistance organizations. This is a FACT

    “their” hero Stalin allied to “YOUR” hero Hitler. oh the irony.