Greek Justice Ministry Posts Draft Bill Extending Civil Partnerships to Same-Sex Couples

gay paradeThe Greek Justice Ministry posted the draft bill that extends civil partnership agreements to same-sex couples but doesn’t allow adoption for pubic consultation.

In a statement accompanying the bill, the Ministry said the new law aims to include homosexual couples and correcting “gray areas” of the existing law.

“Seven years after the establishment of the civil partnership agreement that excluded same-sex couples and a year and a half after our country was convicted at the European Court of Human Rights, we present a modern institutional framework that regulates partnerships,” the statement said.

The Ministry said the bill constitutes a landmark for two reasons: The first is that it lifts discriminations against citizens due to their sexual orientation and allows for institutional recognition of personal relationships, which were far into a gray area of institutional denial, going against the principles of equality, free development of personality and respect for diversity.

The second reason, said the Ministry, is the overall improvement of the civil partnership by recognizing family ties between parties, which strengthen it.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. while i have no opinion on the matter, i can see this sort of bill will not go down well with the pensioners that voted for Syriza, nor with the church that supported Tsipras during his fake visit to Mt Athos to show he is “pious” – the more i study Tsipras behavior, the more I see his lies. Especially before the election where he pretty much lied about everything – he said he would not ask for more money, he said he would raise the minimum wage, he said there would be free electricity for the poor – the man just lies lies lies to stay in power, i cannot find ONE promise he kept, not one

  2. he lied about asking the /EU/IMF for more money, he lied when he visited mt athos, where is the free electricity he promised for the poor?????? where is the minimum wage increase?????


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