Head of Greek Hospital Gives Emotional Interview on Suicides

theodoros-giannarosThe head of Elpis Hospital, Theodoros Giannaros, gave a video interview that was posted on the Corriere Della Sera website, entitled “Ten thousand suicides in five years, the last one was my child.”

“Since the crisis started in 2011, about 10,000 people have committed suicide. This could be a big city, not just a small village. A big city has disappeared from the map and my son was one of these people,” he said in the interview, adding that “I don’t know how someone can explain what happened. Many people tried to commit suicide but they were saved, while ten thousand have already died.”

“Now the banks have started taking our homes. How many more people must they find dead in order to understand?” he wondered, referring to citizens’ debts, which is a result of the crisis. “This is a question I am not able to answer. All I know is that we all have the same heart, the same smile and the same sad eyes as people elsewhere in the world, but we are so closed within Europe.”

“In Germany, if a dog died in a gruesome way, the news would be aired on TV and written in newspapers. Have you seen any references to the ten thousand people who have committed suicide in Greece? I do not think so, because at the moment, human lives have no value. I can only say that I am ashamed to be European,” Giannaros stressed during his emotional testimony.


  1. On the April 21, 2014 Greek Reporter article titled: “Researchers Find Greek Austerity Caused More Than 500 Suicides” I had written quote,
    “It is way more than 500 suicides! There have been well over 7000 suicides in Greece since Greece’s economic collapse commenced”

    twopenceworth who has admitted to being a person of mixed race 3rd World ethnic origins replied with the following comment:
    “Could you post some links to 7000 suicides please? That would be around 3 per day for 6 years. I don’t think anyone here in Greece has the number that high. Of course, suicide in any numbers is tragic but let’s get the facts right.”

    Now that we have the head of Elpis Hospital, Theodoros Giannaros, saying there have been 10,000 suicides since 2011 I wonder what twopenceworth has to say for himself now?

    twopenceworth regularly belittles the tragedies facing Indigenous Greeks whilst relentlessly supporting illegal 3rd world immigrants with boundless sympathy and excuses.


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