Mini Tax Bill to Be Tabled in Greek Parliament on June 16

tax checksA mini tax draft bill submitted by the Greece’s Finance Ministry will be tabled at the Parliament plenum for approval on Tuesday, June 16, in a fast track procedure, a move that was widely criticized by the opposition.

Apart from the SYRIZA/ANEL coalition, the bill is expected to be approved by New Democracy, “To Potami” and PASOK, which also approved it in principle during its discussion at the parliament committee.

Greek Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani faced criticism for tabling the bill while Greeks are in the process of submitting their tax declarations and admitted there has been significant delay.

“It is unacceptable that we submitted it with such delay and with tax declarations still ongoing, but this bill includes favorable regulations for lifting (even at the eleventh hour) extreme injustices of the tax system,” she said.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. for More tax or Less tax, is the question.
    It is easy for Government to take away as taxes, income that has been made through hard work by those that are producers in society, both businessmen and workers but when government hands this out as welfare, nothing is gained in return.
    Where business makes profit and it can be accumulated for expansion and to create more jobs, there should be no tax, the growth of prosperity producing jobs is paramount as this will give self worth to the people of Greece.

  2. There must not be welfare handed out for free, but instead jobs should be handed out to everyone, these jobs need to employ all able bodied working people to provide services and goods to each other.
    The most important thing is that these jobs must not come from Government but from the private business community that really produces all real wealth in any nation.