European Music Day: More Than 500 Artists and Bands Performing Across Greece

european music dayThis year, the European Music Day events will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Charter of Budapest signing that created the European Network of the Music Day Organizers (EMD) but will also mark the 30th anniversary since the 1st European Capital of Culture that was established in Athens by the Greek Culture Minister at the time, Melina Mercouri, in 1985.

Considering those very symbolic opportunities, the Greek delegation proposed the organization of a special European framework of activities and events for the celebration of the important anniversaries in Greece.

June 21 will be a day filled with traditional and modern music, as well as emotion, which will remind people across the nation of Greece’s cultural wealth. More than 4,000 people, including operators, technicians, volunteers and artists will be participating in this year’s events that will take place in various parks, squares and pedestrian roads.

During a period darkened by difficulties, tensions and uncertainty, the power of art and music will once again prevail in 33 Greek cities and 26 Municipalities with the participation of 15 municipal cultural organizations, 40 cultural institutions, 90 media sponsors of 170 co-organizers, 285 companies and production partners, 300 volunteers and about 450 bands or joint orchestras who will unite to send a strong message of unity, harmony and hope.


  1. While the political history of a nation tends to fade over time, it’s the cultural heritage that always endures. Greece is a cultural world leader and has been since ancient times! Music has always played a big part in that.