The Times: Tsipras’ Wife Will Leave Him If He Signs a Bad Deal

περιστεερα Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras allegedly said that his wife and mother of his two children, Betty Baziana, will leave him if he signs a deal that includes austerity measures, according to The Times.

The report said that Tsipras has revealed to close associates that if he backs down in negotiations and is forced to sign a “bad deal” in order to avoid Greece’s bankruptcy, his partner of 25 years has threatened to leave him.

o-SCREENSHOT-570Baziana, an engineer, met Tsipras in the Ampelokipi high school in Athens during the student demonstrations of 1990-1991. At the time, they were both activists and members of the Greek Communist Party Youth (KNE). They are common law husband and wife since they were never married for ideological reasons. They have two children, four-year-old Pavlos and two-year-old Ernesto-Orfeas.

Tsipras said on Wednesday that he is ready to assume responsibility for the consequences of rejecting an unfair deal with creditors. He is asking for a viable solution to the Greek debt issue that will lead the country out of recession and toward growth.

In a sign that he is being taken at his word, top European Union officials stated they are preparing for Greece’s bankruptcy and the possibility of the country leaving the common currency bloc.


  1. well lets guess, Tipras will not have enough money after if he does not signs, than she will definitely leave him


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