Greek PM Tsipras: The Problem Is Not Greek But European

“We are in the middle of a storm, but we are people of the sea and we are not afraid of sailing in open seas and reaching safe ports,” stated Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday in his address to the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

Tsipras referred to the concurrence saying that the European Union must find again the way by turning back to its institutional principles and values. With an obsession to policies of austerity that intensifies the recession, this is impossible.

The so-called Greek problem is not a Greek problem but a European one. The problem does not bear the name Greece but Eurozone. The issue is whether the eurozone will give ground to growth and to solidarity.

The Greek prime minister also said that Greece continues to be a pillar of stability and safety and seeks to become a cooperation bridge and hub of trade, cultural and financial exchanges on the crossroads of three continents. We will seek to become a cooperation bridge with traditional friends as Russia, and to develop cooperation with new friends.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. and don’t be too optimistic. Putins said in St. Petersburg:

    With respect to Germany, he said he hoped that the problems can be overcome: “6200 German companies are in the Russian market, and all remained, all of them are active.” Europe remains despite the sanctions most important trading partner of Russia – and Germany was under all European countries, the number one.

  2. Tspiras, a communist populist, elected by our alleged “moderate” left.. is symbolic of everything wrong with Greece. He blames foreign creditors for own debt mistakes. He, and his flock of far left extremists, shamelessly demand foreign creditors and taxpayers fund our lifestyle