Grexit – Critical Times for Greece

Greece - Berolino-diadilwsi
Yesterday, supporters of Greece against IMF EU-Troika’s economic blackmailing tactics to break down the Greek spirit brought thousands of people out into the streets. It was a great success attracting masses of people of all nationalities to flood squares and streets right across the capitals of Europe as well as in other countries. BRAVO and CONGRATULATIONS for the organizers and those people who dared to be counted and do what is right!

What happened here in Cyprus? Nothing as far as I am aware. I saw no mass rallies in Nicosia, Limassol or other places to shake the foundations of reasoning; unless they did take place and it’s me living in cuckoo land and saw and heard nothing. Was there a media blackout? Who knows….

It was certainly not covered in the mainstream media and wasn’t even mentioned in any political party agenda or in the plans of our petty-politicians’ initiative to show direct support for Greece and get off their behinds and trigger spontaneous support for the Greek people. What happened to them all?

Where were Simmahia Politon, Edek, Deko, Evroko, Dusy, the Greens and others? Not a sound; except for the high-pitched sound of cicadas now ruling Cyprus! But do not despair we are in good hands; those are the same political parties and the same people who share aspirations to govern this island.

ARE our minds so controlled by a system that we fail to even show support against Injustice and do what is right? If so, Cyprus deserves what it gets because it lost the spirit to stand up against bankers and a self-serving political system that are failing and abusing the basic principle of Democracy.

Greece will succeed and if necessary it will abandon the EU and so much the better but at least the people will decide and not politicians. It would be hard at the beginning but Greece would regain its dignity back and be free from the constraints of  the IMF EU-Troika economic colonization. As a nation it will again prosper beyond exactions and will prove to all those doomsayers wrong for choosing not to be supplicant to IMF EU-Troika any longer – just like Iceland did.

As for Cyprus…well, what can I say.


  1. Well, there were other protests. But I most assuredly agree with you that this is a one-sided piece. It is not journalism. It is more what I would call a “Letter to the Editor.” It’s not even worthy of being labeled an “Op-Ed.”

  2. Let me put this straight:: Yes, I have written this and many articles published worldwide.It is my opinion and yes I do feel for what is happening to the Greek people; misery brought about by years of incompetent governments (leftist and right gov etc) petty politicians and corruption. A carbon copy to what is happening here in Cyprus and we are not out of the woods yet. I am not politically affiliated with any dogmatic party and never have been in my life and therefore I speak my mind in support of Justice and Rule of Law.

  3. “speak my mind in support of Justice and Rule of Law” … oh boy … now it’s getting even more pathetic … saying that on behalf of the biggest deal breakers ever …

  4. ….THIS is journalism? “EU BLACKMAILING?” Sounds like something you would read in the USSR’s old “Pravda.”…..Thank goodness this woman writes for a people that elected a government scorned by the rest of the world (as they are the only ones foolish enough to agree with her)…