Robbie Williams in Athens: Hold Tight Greece! [video]

“Hold tight, Greece!” was the political message British singer Robbie Williams sent to 30,000 Greek fans in his first ever appearance in the country.

The multi-platinum entertainer’s show in Greece took place at the Terra Vibe open air site in Malakasa, 37 kilometers from Athens on Saturday. Williams came on stage at 10:30 pm and for two hours he sang all the international hits of his long career in front of an ecstatic audience that never stopped dancing and singing along.

“Sorry it took me so long to come here. I did a lot of drugs and went to rehab so I didn’t go to many places, but now I’ve stopped. Frankly, I’m sorry I did not come sooner,” the 41-year-old singer told the eager Greek audience.

To compensate for never performing in Greece before, he asked the audience, “What would you say to renew our meeting in 18 months from now?” The audience shouted with all its might, “Yes!” “Thank you,” said Williams, adding, We will meet again in 18 months.”