Greek Public Sector Pensioners Reach Almost Half a Million in 2014

απογραφή-συνταξιουχωνThe number of public sector pensioners reached 468,422 in 2014 and cost almost 6 billion euros, while 55.176 were added in the past five years, according to figures given by the General Accounting Office.

The figures were presented to the Greek parliament by Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas after the request of New Democracy lawmaker Evangelos Basiakos who asked to be informed on the number of public sector pensioners and the pension expenditures from 2010 until today.

In 2010 there were 413,246 public sector pensioners and that year the cost was 6,253,101,199 euros. In 2011 there were 432,994 costing 6,572,354,084. In 2012, 441,768 pensioners received a total 6,564,057,274 euros.

In 2013, there were 452,829 public sector pensioners who cost the state 5,867,633,261. Finally, in 2014 the number of pensioners went up to 468,422 and the total cost was 5,974,673,510.



  1. So Google tells me there are roughly 11 million people in Greece. 468,422 public employee pensioners means that 4.3% of the population are retired public workers. Unfortunately I don’t low if that is high, low or average. Anyone else?

  2. 65 should be the retirement age for both men and women in both sectors public and private.


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