Greek PM Tsipras: ‘Don’t Underestimate the Point a Nation Can Reach when Humiliated’

tsipras-euGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had an intense dialog with European Council President Donald Tusk during the Euro Summit in Brussels on Thursday, government sources said.

“Unfortunately, the institutions’ proposals reflect the most extreme positions expressed by the IMF. The text does not differ at all from the previous program,” Tsipras told Tusk, according to the sources.

He also told him “not to underestimate the point to which a nation can reach when humiliated.”

The same sources said that Tusk told Tsipras that the “game is over,” to which the Greek PM replied: “Greece has 1.5 million unemployed, 3 million poor and thousands of families that live with no income, solely on their grandparents’ pension. This is not a game.”

He also noted that his government has tabled proposals and added: “I am determined to make reforms in pensions, abolish early retirement, unite funds,” which would start in October.

Then he said: “Following our proposal, the historian of the future will not understand why we did not come to an agreement.”

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. You are living in a delusional world. I do business in China now. China will not touch Greece’s problem. The only way China gives money to Greece is if it can buy Greek land VERY CHEAP. China would then take over Greece, and control it.

    Russia, will not touch Greece either. If you notice, Russia just extended it’s sanctions on Greek products. I used to do business in Russia for several years. Talk about corruption.

    Russia’s only interest in Greece is the fact that Greece is part of the EU, and NATO, which PUTIN wants to divide. If Greece gets ejected from the EU countries, and NATO, Greece is of no values to Russia. Russia has no intention of supporting Greece. In addition, Russia has it’s own money problems, and does not have the money to waste on Greece.

  2. PM Tsipras seems to be politically immature at some points, but he got this revolutionary spirit that was very much needed. EU got used to manipulate and dictate countries and had it easy. They needed this kind of challenge.
    The truth is that no matter that how much softer the EU proposal is, Greece simply can’t reduce pension any further, can’t raise tax even more… People are dying.
    I don’t think the creditors realise the actual condition in which Greek people are right now. So far the decisions they’ve made and dictated to EU countries hurt the small/weaker countries. An example is the sanctions towards Russia. I happened to be in Greece for holidays last summer when credit cards were blocked for Russia. Hundreds or maybe thousands of russian tourists were trapped, not being able to leave the country when they planned to, not being able to get money from their credit cards and pay their extended stay in Greece, not knowing what’s going to happen. The embassy was full of tourists.. feeling totally lost. It felt like war…. like actual war.
    The impact Greece had from this was also immense, due to agricultural products not being sent to Russia and instead rot in the storages… And that’s just one example.
    EU leaders just sit there… eating with their silver spoons, not realising the actual state of Greece.
    This is the Europe of solidarity….