Greek PM Tsipras Rejects Ultimatums, Says ‘Won’t Be Blackmailed’

Greece has rejected creditors’ bailout extension proposal, say gov’t sources. In a brief statement from Brussels on Friday, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed that the European Union’s founding principles were not based on blackmail and ultimatums. He said his government will “continue to fight on behalf of the European people, and of course the Greek people.”

“The European Union’s founding principles were democracy, solidarity, equality and mutual respect. These principles were not based on blackmails and ultimatums. And especially in these crucial times, no one has the right to put in danger these principles. The Greek government will continue decisively to give the fight in favor of these principles, will continue to give the fight on behalf of the European people and, of course on behalf of the Greek people,” he said.

Tsipras is expected to return to Athens on Friday evening after the Eurozone summit and hold an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss negotiation developments and Saturday’s critical Eurogroup session. Tsipras asked that all ministers be present, even Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Kotzias who has to return from Montenegro where he was on an official visit.

Greek sources in Brussels: Institutions’ proposal ‘worse than memorandum’
The document of proposals presented to the Greek side by the institutions is worse than a memorandum, well-informed Greek sources in Brussels said on Friday.

They denounced the approach employed as “unacceptable” and stressed that Europe is based on the values of democracy and solidarity.

The institutions on Friday proposed to Greece a five month extension of the current program (until end of November 2015), during which a total of 15.5 billion euros of financial support would be provided, according to a European source in Brussels.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. There is no blackmail. The EU has the right to to dictate terms on any loan it makes. Greece doesn’t get to have a say. If Greece doesn’t like the terms don’t sign the loan documents, and quit whining.

    Greece has no cards to play. The EU can then get rid of Greece from the EU, as Greece has become a huge liability to the EU.

  2. Tsipras is showing the mettle of his conviction facing the opposition, looking them straight in the eye and rejecting their ultimatums. There is no doubt that under the same circumstances Samaras’ knees would have given out well before now and capitulated to much harsher punitive terms. A simple OHI now seems the appropriate response whenever we receive such ultimatums from despots. “Alors c’est la guerre” to quote Ioannis Metaxas.

  3. Of course the new deals are worse you idiot! You offer nothing significant in savings but want to recommence ert, add the 13th pension, increase current pensions. Where is that money coming from. The institutions are asking you to pay for your promises but in true Greek style you want someone else to pay for this. You have no self respect! The only way to pay for these things is to collect taxes or tighten up on other areas.
    What if the people on the pension take the money out of the bank and place it under their mattresses. What if there is no spending. Then you gave lost the gamble with other people’s money