Germany Owes Greece €9 Billion in WWI Reparations

Greek ParliamentBerlin may suffer from around 9 billion euros in lost revenue due to reparations from WWI to Greece, according to a recent report conducted by the Greek General Accounting Office.

In the relevant assessment, it is claimed that Greece had anticipated to receive 0.4% of the total amount of reparations after WWI.

Germany should have paid 37 installments to Greece, however the Greek government received nothing more than 1.5% of the total amount.

That was the result of a British and French initiative during the Lausanne Conference in 1932 to suspend demands for war reparations from Germany due to the Great Depression outbreak.

According to the Greek General Accounting Office’s report, Greece still has the right to ask for the 9 billion euros because of the fact that the country was not a signatory to the aforementioned agreement.


  1. Yeahh..right, and i should have sued Eve, that is all wommen, for giving Adam the apple in Eden!

  2. Let’s see if I understand this correctly :

    Germany was SUFFERING economically during the Great Depression, so it asked the Greek Government to DEFFER its World War I reparations over 57 PAYMENTS instead of 1 BIG REPAYMENT. The repayment may have been bi-yearly or annually, but it doesn’t mater…. What maters is that Greece said “YES” to assist the Germans. Now, 83 years later, the roles are reversed and Greece is asking to DEFFER the payments of a ridiculously unjust repayment schedule impacted by Shylockian interest rates, and guess what Germany says, “NO” ! Sounds like Germany needs a lesson in humility by telling German banks and German manufacturers that Greece will NOT repay their debt unless it is a repayment schedule over 57 years at a rate of 0% interest. That is the price the Germans and other European banks should pay for making a BAD BET on a nation they all knew in advance that Greece could not take on billion Euro debts yearly and pay it all back. When you or I take a bet by buying SOVERIGN DEBT in the form of a bond or a stock or an I.O.U., nobody will re-imburse us if we lose it all ! Only the evil banks expect some stupid government to PAY THEM BACK for the horrible BET they make on a country’s soverign debt ! As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A fool and his money are easily parted !” We should NOT allow the banks to pretend these ridiculous loans to Greece were SECURED. You bet… YOU LOST… DO A BETTER JOB !

  3. Germany did not invade greece in WW1. Does this demand even make any sense? If there should be war reparations to Greece from ww1 it should be from those that actually invaded. In fact, both the monarchy (led by Κωνσταντῖνος A) and the government of greece during ww1 was pro-central-powers and not in the entente.

  4. When Germany pays what they owe to most of Europe for the destructions that were a direct cause from them.. Im afraid this conversation will always be at the forefront. No matter what.

  5. And why successive governments not pursue money owed? Umm. $9 billion seems low to me. Not only did they take money out of the banks but stole sculptures which are still in their museums. You only going to get 1 shot at this, make sure EVERYTHING they stole is returned PLUS compound interest.

  6. it’s simple, both are in the EU. Germany has money, Greece needs money. Reparations!!!! that will fix it, hahaha