PM Tsipras Slams Eurogroup, Creditors; Urges Greeks to Vote ‘No’ in Referendum


During a heated session at the Greek parliament that is currently voting in order to approve a referendum proposal by the Greek government, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras slammed the negotiations practice that Greece’s creditors followed.

Addressing the Greek parliament, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said that creditors did not offer a viable solution to Greece while they resorted to blackmail.

“In the country that gave birth to Democracy we won’t ask permission from Mr. Dijsselbloem and Mr. Schäuble in order to to ask the opinion of the Greek people,” said Tsipras referring to statement’s by Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem who said that the referendum is a mistake for Greece.

“The Greek referendum will take place on July 5, no matter what the Eurogroup or others want,” he noted.

The Greek Prime Minister urged the Greek citizens to vote NO on the referendum, a result that he said will be “an answer to Europe’s bad practices and the financial elite that governs the union today.”

A ‘No’ in the referendum “will be a Yes for the actual values Europe was based upon: democracy, dignity, equitability and the people’s right to vote for their future,” said Tsipras.

“Our decesion is not a decision of ruputre with Europe, it’s a decision of rupture with those who don’ t believe in our European ideals. It’s a decision of dignity to those who have been blackmailing us.”

Tsipras noted that the referendum is not his government’s intention to question Greece’s stay in EU and the Eurozone, but a question to approve, or not,  “a humiliating agreement the creditors offered Greece.”

The Greek PM concluded his speech by saying: “Nobody can tell us to leave from our common home, the European Union. Nobody has the right to do this.”


  1. Hah hah at the end, like I always suspected, Tsipras is an empty Communist coward, a paper tiger who eventually passed the burden onto his own people after destroying whatever is left of it in the last 6 months. Now he can go home and tell his master that he won’t sign the deal since she told him not to. Enjoy the mansion while it lasts Tsipras. You can’t outmaneuver the foxes of the EU but you thought with 40-year under your belt you did. You communists don’t give a hoot about your people, all you want is to hang on to your power at any cost. I hope the poor Greek people realize that. In the mean time let me count my profit from your idiotic government. I believe that you and your cohorts would make a few dimes too; since I believe they would place a short bet BEFORE you opened your mouth.