Greece Referendum: First Polls Show Greeks Favor Agreement


Although Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged Greeks to not approve the creditor’s bailout agreement terms, the first polls in Greece find that most Greeks favor the deal even if it includes a new memorandum.

In a poll conducted by Alco for the Greek newspaper ‘Proto Thema’, 57% of the participants said they would vote yes in the upcoming referendum, favoring a deal.

Another poll conducted by Kapa Research for ‘To Vima’ found that 47% of the population will vote yes approving the agreement, while 33% will vote ‘NO.’

According to the referendum, voters will be asked to respond to the following question:
“Greek people are hereby asked to decide whether they accept a draft agreement document submitted by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, at the Eurogroup meeting held on June 25.”

Those citizens who reject the institutions’ proposal will vote, “Not Approved / NO”, while those citizens who accept the institutions’ proposal will vote, “Approved / YES”, according to the cabinet proposal.

The referendum will take place in voting booths through secret ballot in a similar manner to general elections. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on July 5 while the results will be announced the following day.





  1. Mr Papapostolou / Greek Reporter

    When were these polls conducted and with what question?

    Did you really have enough time to conduct accurate and scientific polls over the weekend?

    Was anyone else polled besides those on the Lagarde list like Samaras Papandreou Venizelos and their gangs?

    Assuming anyone else was polled was it explained to them that they would be voting Yes to further Austerity and the full destruction of Greek Tourism & Shipping ?

    As your first commentator then I am voting NO with my head up and not between my legs

  2. Greek tourism was killed this week. You obviously know nothing about business. American, as well as other country tourist agencies are advising people to stay away from Greece. Just look on the travel warnings on the internet.

    Oh, and regarding your head ? It is between your legs.

  3. Greeks should vote “NO” – it is the only hope fr the country. On their own they will quickly find out why their economy tanked – and there will be no body else to blame any longer. Only then perhaps the people will assume the responsibility for the country, vote some responsible politicians (if such exist), and perhaps reform their country.

  4. A vote to accept the deal will only delay the inevitable. I urge the Greek people to think what they are signing themselves up for if they accept IMF demands. It will be a repeat of the last few months only even harsher, even less pensions to rely on, even less job opportunities. The fundamental purpose of a loan is to help the person getting the loan to stand on their own two feet so they can pay back later. With the conditions of the loans set by the creditors, it makes this impossible. Yes they’re giving you bailout, but they are making it harder for you to generate the money to pay them back. They are giving you money, but they are metaphorically taking away your car to get to work and your computer at your work place. If Greece signs it will be another few months of misery before they end up in the exact same situation again.

  5. I don’t agree. Tsipras is smart to put a decision of this magnitude to voters. That way they have nobody to blame but themselves. Their choice is:

    1. Accept austerity and years of more financial torture; or

    2. Tell the EU to pound sand, go off the Euro with at least the prospect of a brighter future.

  6. the crux of the Greek crisis boils down to these 2 choices for the Greeks:

    1) Short term pain, longer term gain (Grexit)
    2) Short term gain, longer term pain (bailouts/can kicking)

  7. Enough with the stereotype of lazy Greeks who steal from EU, don’t pay their taxes and have no respect for the rules. Based on eurostat, Greeks work more hours than any other nation in EU per week. Not only that but the salaries here are far beneath the EU average and we pay huge taxes. The most Greek before the crisis belonged to middle class, and after 5 years of depression they are poor. And now the leaders of EU demand that Greece should raise the taxes even more, something like that would cause even bigger unemployment (witch is already huge) and therefore more poverty. NO, enough is enough we cant afford to pay more taxes so that the EU will give us more money that will go straight to the bankers pockets. The Greek people have not benefited at all from the “rescue packages”, but the dept still continue to rise. There is no rule says that it is ok to force a country into poverty. All that the Europeans see is cold numbers, but beside the financial crisis, Greece is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. Don’t you think that this has to stop at some point?

  8. There are many reasons why we spent 16% of GDP in pensions. First of all, i have to admit that some people (usually connected to political parties), retired from their jobs earlier than they should, this however has stopped. Second the Greek GDP was decreased drastically during the crisis, causing the unemployment to raise. Less people work means less taxes to pay the pensions of the older people. Third reason is that Greece had a huge public sector. A lot of people working at public sector, at the beginning of the crisis rushed to retire from their jobs by fear that they will loose their jobs anyway. Last but not least Greece has an aging population. An aging population is doomed to reach a point that its going to have more retired workers than working people, and that as you may realize is not good. Unfortunately Greece has many problems and not all of them are connected to the financial crisis, but taking the fate of our country on our hands maybe will became a fresh start to make things right.

  9. You cannot plug a financial sinkhole with more debt, higher taxation and otherwise deepen the effects on an austerity weary populace. Default will happen today, tomorrow or the next…..but it is going to happen.

  10. Your first paragraph is such a clear truth, that I can’t believe it is not obvious to everyone.

    If “NO” happens it will be a huge price to pay for Greece people, for a long time, just so some politician would be stopped (maybe). Not worth it.

    The world crisis should finally run out in next years (really hope) and that would finally help a lot of countries in difficulties not just Greece. But we all need to get there first somehow.

  11. If you truly seek to increase your business try some real ingenuity and entrepreneurship for a change.

    Cheap scare tactics are the means of Oligarchs of the past 40 years (ND, PASOK and other thieving gangsters) and their bankster supporters and suppressors of Democracy.

    Democracy does not get blackmailed

    In a matter of national defence, when Greece is being attacked by international gangster bankers, history records who is on the side of Greece and who is on the other side of the suppressors of Democracy.

    Greeks Vote No in support of the most democratic government since Pericles and everyone else including yourself can vote Yes. Accommodation of cretins like yourself is the price of democracy.

  12. For the value of poll data, see the recent general election in the UK – poll-predicted results vs. actual results were wildly different.

  13. “Democracy does not get blackmailed”

    There is 18 other democracies in Europe. Shameless communist blackmailer Tsipiras seems to “forget” that when he demands foreign taxpayers pay our bills.

  14. “f all, i have to admit that some people (usually connected to political
    parties), retired from their jobs earlier than they should, this however
    has stopped.”

    Except our communist regime supports pension excesses.

    “Greece had a huge public sector.”

    Which our communist regime continues to support

    “fresh start to make things right”

    Walking way from debt isn’t a “fresh start”. It will mean another depression in Greece and decades of litigation. With communists supporting massive illegal immigration eventually there will be no Greece. Greek leftists are literally voting for the death of Greece by supporting our current communist regime.

  15. Greece is headed for failed state status if communists run our country (ala former communist Yugoslavia…. that no longer exists)

  16. Our leftists have created a narrative of words where they think they can default, roll back cuts, and support communists and Greece will recover. They are utterly irrational.

  17. Everyone rational can see how well our communist regime is “saving” Greece by closing our banks, destroying, our tourist industry in the peak season, and continuing to support mass illegal immigration. Clearly geniuses at work.

  18. Alabama and Mississippi are in the same country. America assimilates people into a single national identity. Europe is a collection of nations and peoples. It will never function as a single state .This is like throwing together Indian, Japan, Korea, Pakistan and China and expecting them to function as a single people. Far leftist morons are causing the rise of extreme nationalism again by threatening people’s ethnic existence. Not everyone wants to be part of the leftist Borg collective but unfortunately collectivists can’t understand that.

  19. “You cannot plug a financial sinkhole with more debt, higher taxation and
    otherwise deepen the effects on an austerity weary populace.”

    We cannot end austerity with cheap self-righteous speeches. Fiscal responsibility means cuts to match budgets…. which Tsipiras and his far leftist flock will be forced to do even if they default.

    Unfortunately our far leftist fanatics have created a universe of words that they choose to live in rather than mathematical reality. Then eparxoun lefta comrades. No amount of rhetoric and whining will change it.

    The only thing that can change Greece’s current situation is if the millions of far leftist fanatics that supported a communist leader change their attitudes towards commerce. Rather than just whining about the rich like Stalinist idiots, they work to produce something to try to become wealthy themselves. Otherwise Greece is dead. And frankly it deserves to die if such shameless antihellenic vultures make up the majority of Greece. At the moment, Greece is about as “Hellenic” as the Skopians are “Macedonians”. The primary concern of “Greek” leftists is how to parasitically live off the backs of others. Shameless whiners. An embarrassment to the name Greek.

  20. i think the leftist blame game will continue for another year until greeks realise the leftists that we have now are in fact worse than anything before. Tsipras has not managed to do anything to get the economy going, unemployment is up (when last year it was falling), gdp has contracted (when last year there was grwoth), exports are down (when last year they were up), bankruptcies are up etc, I think eventually, the Tsipras scapegoating of previous governments will become tiresome, probably in a year. The trigger will be his decision to legalise africans and arabs in greece and his decision to build mosques in greece – at that point, greeks will probably realise he is a traitor

  21. Have things been getting better these past 6 years? It doesn’t look like it to me. Things will get worse, but at least the economy will begin to grow again.

  22. Greece in the same bracket as Zimbabwe and Cuba on their IMF default. Fitting really – if they want to be part of a European club they must act as Europeans; moderation and compromise.

  23. And rightly so! I’m for Oxi, but Syriza really screwed the country up, turned a slow recovery into a total desaster. Of course, they should be blamed for that!

  24. Its not going to be short term pain. With communists running Greece it will eventually be failed state. Game over.


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