FT Journalist Spiegel Caught Juncker Lying About Greece

Jean-Claude Juncker

Financial Times journalist Peter Spiegel hastened to comment on the press conference Jean-Claude Juncker gave Monday saying that it is not true what the European Commission President said about pension cuts in Greece.

Through his personal Twitter account, Spiegel accuses Juncker of lying during the press conference as he stressed that the Institutions have not sought wage and pension cuts by the Greek government.

Peter Spiegel refers in one of his comments: “No pension cuts in the package of proposals says European Commission President Juncker. Sorry, this is simply not true.”

In another comment the journalist reveals: “Ouch. Tough tone continues: “Egotism, tactical games, populist games took precedent,” says Jean- Claude Juncker of Tsipras’ referendum.”

And the reporter of Financial Times continues: “This is a very, very bitter address by Juncker. Taking Alexis Tsipras head on and making it personal. Not sure it will go over well in Greece.”

Peter Spiegel also reports that the European Commission chairman urges the Greek people to vote “YES” in the upcoming referendum, saying that Jean-Claude Juncker essentially raises a dilemma for a stay or not in the euro.

“This is meat of European Commission President’s message: A “yes” vote in referendum is a signal Greece wants to stay in the euro. He’s making it vote on euro membership,” the American journalist comments.


  1. Leftist Greek Reporter grasping at straws. . Juncker well knows the EU is asking for further pension cuts. Almost guaranteed someone is taking things out of context or Juncker accidentally misspoke.

    Of note here, Greek Reporter once again coming to the defense of our communist regime’s anti-austary positions. The irony is FT, run by British nationalists that supported antihellenic Skopian supporter David Cameron last election and is much like Bild toward Greeks. They printed one negative stereotype after another with sensationalist “news” stories. They are pro-EU only in the sense of trade and against the EU in terms of political integration (which is why they want a NO vote.. not because they remotely care about Greece)

    Needless to say FT’s “reporters” also unethically evade over Skopje’s identity quick change into founders of the Hellenistic period and obvious irredentism. One wonder’s if their patronizing Greek hating staff would be as quick to recognize western France as the “Republic of England”, “ethnic English” and the French language as English……as they used the name to claim Queen Elizabeth one of their own and promote “United England”. One also wonders how they would feel about their alleged allies “ethics” when they acted like they didn’t notice?

  2. Force austerity onto the banks.
    The world should show solidarity and withdraw their funds.
    And yes i know most of our money has already disapeared.
    Ill take an iou with penalties and 100% interest.