Greeks Live Under Constant Fear of Being Laid-Off

Thousands of Greek private sector employees live under constant fear of being laid-off, according to the quarterly survey conducted by Randstand Hellas’ Workmonitor which reflects the labor market trends in the country.

Specifically, Greek employees appear less optimistic during the second quarter of 2015 in terms of finding a job, while their concern that they may lose their job is constantly increasing.

The survey revealed that a striking 59% of employers require workers to be available beyond the scheduled working hours. At the same time, 55% of employees say that they have no problem handling work issues on their personal time, while 62% have seen their colleagues do the same.

In detail, 70% of respondents claimed to answer phones and emails regarding their job outside their scheduled working hours, while 76% stated that they respond to the messages only when possible.

Furthermore, almost half of the respondents also indicated that their employer expects them to be available on the phone or answer emails during their vacation time.

The same survey revealed that 43% of respondents choose to handle matters relating to work during vacation because they like to keep contact, while 48% said that they feel pressured to answer their email during vacation.