Juncker Offers New Last Minute Deal to Greece on Tuesday; Tsipras Says NO


    A few hours before debt-ridden Greece’s bailout package expires,  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made a new and ‘final’ offer to Greek Prime minister Alexis Tsipras the first hours of Tuesday.

    The Greek Reporter has learned that the new proposal is based on the old one, but with a positive change on Greek pensions and it would allow Greece to reach an agreement with its creditors putting an end to the economic upheaval the country is facing. But there is a catch…

    The European Commission President asked Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to accept the creditors’ proposal (with a small improvement on Greek pensions), support the YES vote on the upcoming referendum, and make this known to Eurogroup president Jeroen Disjelbloom, as well as to German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande before the end of the day.

    If the Greek PM would approve Presidnet Juncker’s final deal then an emergency Eurogroup meeting could have been arranged in order to offer special and immediate assistance to Greece.

    Alexis Tsipras has already rejected the last-minute deal, while he made known that he will still vote no in the upcoming referendum and that he hopes for a solution.

    Greece is facing a deadline for a $1.8 billion loan repayment to IMF due tonight.



    1. I hate to say it to you….Corporations dont care about helping Greece….they will go to where the best slaves are. So even if Greece has 10% corporate tax rate, at this point in time Greeks still have too much pride to be slaves.

    2. Maybe the Greeks will finally be able to get the incompetent,corrupt Eurocrap oppressors and the criminal banksters who own them permanently removed from their affairs after all. The time is long overdue for these useless tyrants to get a good kick in the teeth.