Greek PM Tsipras Sends Leter Accepting Creditors Terms with Five Revisions


    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent a letter late on Tuesday night ready to accept the conditions of a bailout proposed by Greece’s creditors, according to the Financial Times.

    The letter indicated that Greece will accept all its bailout creditors’ terms, with five minor changes.

    “In the two-page letter addressed to the heads of the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank, by the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras notes how the country will agree to creditors’ conditions, with only a handful of minor changes,” explained the report.

    Eurozone finance ministers will hold a teleconference to discuss Mr Tsipras’ new proposal at 5:30pm, Brussels time.

    The Greek Prime Minister’s office confirmed the Greece confirms sent ‘amended’ proposal to creditor

    Here’s the Greek PM’s letter:



    1. In other words, now that he’s starting to see the real world effects of his foolish positions the communist is now willing to consider supporting even more cuts… vindicating courageous Samaras whom our far leftist fanatics unfairly demonized.

    2. He forgot include a company tax rate reduction to kick start the economy…
      He and Varoufakis has stood up to every European leader and faced off against them something he should be proud off..No Papandreou or Samaras did not do this..They signed on the bottom line ..

    3. On Wednesday Schäuble rejected the latest Tsipras letter to his creditors accepting most of the austerity terms that last Saturday he had described as “humiliation” and “extortion”, while arguing for more generous rescue funding over two years and some debt relief.

      TSIPRAS has COMPLETELY BETRAYED all those who voted for SYRIZA at the January 2015 elections based on his promise to rip up the “bailout” memorandum.

      Tsipras did a complete U-turn on all his key pre-election promises, and is now humiliating Greece by accepting the Troika creditors terms only days after loudly rejecting them! He is a coward, a liar, and completely incompetent!

    4. Greece is and has been bankrupt for 6 years…unfortunately..Syriza did not do or cause this they inherited this…I would hate to be in there shoes…
      What they are offering will mean Greeks will work for less than 5 euros a day 12hours long and 7 days a week..What hope or future does the youth of Greece have if Greece accepts these terms???Greece needs a haircut and to reform all sectors starting from the top down…..They need someone from outside…with a team around to instigate and follow through…

    5. Greek Reporter are leftists that are against austerity. For years they’ve been ranting against cuts. Only recently have any of the unprincipled far leftist fanatics in my homeland softened their tone/// once they realized the entire EU is against them and the entire world is ridiculing them. Typical collectivist bandwagon jumpers. Would say and do anything to fit in with majority… just like those that call Skopje “Macedonia”.

    6. Samaras had no money to create lots of infrastructure. The troika demanded cuts
      not more expenditures. Rather then ham it up to incompetent populists like commie Tripiras he did the unpopular adult thing and made cuts. He took a massive deficit and turned into a
      primary surplus. Not a single country on earth made more cuts in the last five years than Grece. Your “facts” sound like they came from idiotic communists and fascists or populists in other nations that engage in racist rants about Greeks (as if we are all the same)

    7. Where do you get your “facts” from? GD? Syriza? Or populist racist foreign idiots that claim Greeks all retire at 50? Samaras didn’t bankrupt Greece. Samaras took power long after this debt mess started. He took a massive deficit and turned into a primary surplus.. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    8. Only populist fools think Samaras is responsible for our economic meltdown. He had to make cuts. He made them. Tsipiras is also going to make cuts but he and his supporters are incompetent self-righteous idiots that create political instability with their holier-than-thou commie rhetoric and support for mass illegal immigration. (not to mention some of them are treason morons that support fascist VMRO… something we used to shoot communists for)