Official Document Part of the Referendum Question Mistranslated

maximos-mansionThrough an article entitled “Key Greek Referendum Debt Document Mistranslated” Bloomberg points out an important mistake that was made in the Greek translation of one of the two documents that Greeks are asked to approve or reject through the referendum on Sunday, July 5.

According to the news agency, the official translation omits a critical word which reverses the meaning on a significant sentence.

The original text in English, entitled “Preliminary Debt Sustainability Analysis for Greece” examines three scenarios and concludes that “there is no sustainability issue” in the first two scenarios.

The official Greek translation, however, omits the word “no” and states that “there are sustainability issues.”


“In addition, Greek parliament minutes show that a separate draft translation provided to lawmakers before they were asked to approve the referendum also dropped this crucial ‘no.’ Spokespersons from the interior and foreign ministries declined to comment on the error,” noted the news agency.