Trade Unionists Hang Anti-Austerity Banner On Greek Finance Ministry

Banner Anti-AusterityWhile Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was negotiating with international creditors for the the country’s salvation earlier today, a huge banner that urged Greek citizens to vote “No” in the July 5 referendum on the institutions’ proposed bailout deal was hanged on the Greek Finance Ministry.

The several-meters-long banner was placed overlooking the Greek Parliament and Syntagma Square in downtown Athens.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, in his effort to distance himself from the unfurling of the anti-austerity banner, posted on his personal Twitter account: “Not in my name. The said banner was the initiative of trade unionists – who did not seek the Ministry’s permission.”

The anti-austerity activists are said to have unfurled the banner after the release of Tsipras’ latest letter to Greece’s creditors, dated June 30, which leaked earlier today.


  1. I don’t think someone brought it in in his pocket. Goes to prove how party-connected supposedly neutral government employees are. Disgusting behaviour.

  2. Your left commuinist socialists are the only ones fighting for the marginalized in society..Those already pensioned off and the working class citizens of Greece who live under 25% unemployment or higher. They see the value of supporting wage and labor laws so that to keep some money in the base of the economy so it can be spent. However, the “conscious ruling right” want pension cuts, labor reforms (read lax labor laws that leave the working poor unprotected) and very low corporate taxes for when they swoop in and purchase resources on the cheap. The game has been played many times before and Greek government is trying to avoid such calamities. The time has come for the concept of social justice to rule the roost.

  3. The government is pro labor….Maybe they just called up the ministry and asked and it was allowed. Bless them all.

  4. No when cliques and factions build up in world politics as is currently present then the world starts to operate in blocs that cause such calamities. There is absolutely no reason that a Sovereign state should not be able to govern as the populace sees fit and still fit into a world economy. The punishment that Greece has felt since the begining of 2015 is striclty that, punishment, meted out by the worried right who know that an awakening of the masses only harms their agenda moving forward. The right likes domination, they hate resistance. What we are witnessing today is not about Greece it is about making an example of the first fool that breaks away and tries to speak up against the established norms of financial colonialism.
    I might remind you that the world is watching. The truth is regardless of the outcome on Sunday, they have seen the punishment that the Greek people had to endure under austerity and moreso with the backlash from the ECB IMF and EU since negotiations began this year. The pill they are asked to swallow now is big and wont go down easy.
    Greece may choose yes but the memmories fade slowly. There will be more Syrizas going forward and the right will have to reform its thinking on how they rape countries of their economic lifeblood.

  5. Senseless repetition of cold war communist rhetoric will not improve Greece’s economy…. nor do communist sympathizers speak for the entire Greek population. Unfortunately left wing extremists confuse their leftist ideology for being a synonym for democracy. Democracy involves free speech and free electoral choice for all regardless political affiliation… not just communists.

    The freedom loving South Koreans opposed communism The communist North Koreans supported it. Decades of communist rule later… who won that debate?

  6. What you fail to mention about cold war politics is at the margins the market side would prop up the lower countries but now with no alternative the balance is gone hence Greece is in the position it is in. A strong counterbalance to the G7 countries serves to allow prosperity to trickle down to the margins. Void of a competing power it seems that the wealth collects at the top. Hence the widening of the rich poor gap. I do not think it is coincidence that the rich poor gap has widened ever since the fall of Russia.
    As for free speech and free electorate ….Everyone has a choice…Thing is, I think the YES votes dont measure up this time.

  7. Oh by the way, I must thank you …I seem to have moved from comunist to comunist sympathisesr. Looks like I am improving.

  8. Wealth isn’t a zero sum game. The number one reason someone is poor is their own actions.

  9. Wrong Phill….If you enter a poker game with the lowest stack of money on the table the odds are stacked against you. Everything from quality of eduaction to health care to networking is stacked against someone of lesser means. Opportunity is bought in many cases. To someone who was born into poverty the odds just dont add up.