Fin Min Varoufakis: “I Will Resign if Greeks Vote ‘Yes’ to Agreement”

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said that he will resign if there is a “yes” vote in Sunday’s referendum over creditors’ proposals to Greece.

Varoufakis spoke on Bloomberg television and when asked if he will remain Greece’s finance minister in case Greeks vote “yes” in the referendum, he replied: “I will not.” He also said that other ministers will refuse to sign a bad deal and there will be a government reshuffle.

Varoufakis also claimed that Greece was being treated by European creditors as a “debt colony” that doesn’t have rights.

The Greek minister also said that he wouldn’t sign any deal with creditors that would not include assurance of restructuring of the sovereign debt. “I’d rather have my hand cut off than sign a deal that will not include debt restructuring,” he said characteristically.

In case Greeks vote “no”, then Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and he will be around on Monday “to forge a mutually beneficial agreement with the rest of Europe.”

On a personal level, Varoufakis said that neither he nor his wife had stood in line at a bank ATM in the last few days. He said that he doesn’t have time for that because he goes from one political meeting to another, and also it would be inappropriate for him as finance minister.


  1. Yanis and wife don’t stand in line at ATM, thought his wife wanted to live like common people pulp

  2. That comment is just as bad as the comments made about the “YES” protesters wearing linen clothing and sipping wine. He works he should be paid and if he can buy a piano good on him.

  3. He likes to bang on the ivories his favorite tune; My Heart Cries for You.
    It looks like Varoufakis is readying himself for a new task as political leader of Greece’s newest political party

  4. He was NOT a professor at the University of Texas. Another lie. Varoufakis does not have the academic credentials to be a professor in a U.S. accredited university. Varoufakis has a U.K. education, not a U.S. education which has a much higher standard.

    Varoufakis, worked briefly as a T/A or teachers assistant for a few weeks, and then became editor of the student newspaper, at Lyndon B. Johnson BRANCH of the University of Texas. A low paying job, and hardly a prestigious job.

    Economics is an extremely easy major. Athletes in college must stay academically eligible to compete. So college coaches stick their dumb athletes in three easy majors. Those three majors are : economics, psychology, and recreational management.

  5. How strange! A politician actually willing to stand behind a stated position. He is principled enough to know that Greece cannot pay the principal and that any promise to do so will turn out to be a lie in the end.

  6. Actually he is a Professor!
    And lets be honest how did you come to the conclusion that US education is better than the UK? Sounds a bit pretentious…

  7. Pretentious are those that support communists then act like they are on high moral and intellectual ground. Some leftwing extremists seem to have forgotten the millions that died due to communist fanatics during the cold war.

  8. Not in the U.S. he wasn’t. He does not have an 8 year U.S. education which is required to be a U.S. tenured professor.

    Do the research. He was only the editor of a student newspaper at the Lyndon B. Johnson BRANCH of the University. That is a low paying, entry level job.

    My education far exceeds Varoufakis’s. I have two degrees from a U.S. university. One in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering, and the second in architecture which is an 8 year education process, and 20 times more difficult major than economics.

    The U.K. can’t touch the U.S. in education, especially in medicine, aerospace industry, business, electronic technology. etc..