Greek Government: ‘No’ Vote Will Restart the Negotiation on Monday

sakellaridis“The ‘No’ vote in the referendum will restart the negotiation on Monday. Based on the unity of the Greek people and the rejection of ultimatums, the Greek government will negotiate with better terms,” said government spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis on Thursday.

Sakellaridis noted that “the Greek government has given a difficult battle so that pensions are not reduced,” adding that five years of bailout programs led to pensions cuts of 14 billion euros which, however, were not enough for creditors and the domestic Troika.

“As days go by, more and more people understand the reality. More and more break the fear, close their ears to the unprecedented propaganda, do not succumb to blackmail,” he concluded.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. Don’t kid yourself, you have been in negotiation for the past six months, what have you achieved? This is another PR stunt, and even if you do win with no vote, still no debt write off.

  2. Before the referendum the PM should spell out the consequences Pro & Con for remaining in the EZ. Many people want the Euro and Greece will a part of Europe’s economy. The sticking point where most fail to understand is how to manage an unsustainable debt and survive years of austerity. The math simply does not add correctly. Will panic, paranoia and emotion stampede voters or will this government put the cards down on the table and explain with clarity and purpose what we will be voting for.