Hellenic Bank Association President: ‘ATMs Will Operate Normally Until Monday’

Louka Katseli

The meeting between Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, government Vice President Yiannis Dragasakis, Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas and Greece’s bankers was completed.

The meeting was attended by National Bank of Greece Chair Luka Katseli and Chief Executive Leonidas Fragiadakis, Nikos Karamouzis and Fokion Karavias from Eurobank, Vasilis Rapanos and Dimitris Mantzounis from Alpha Bank, Anthimos Thomopoulos from Piraeus Bank, Alexandros Antonopoulos and Ioannis Gamvrilis from Attica Bank, Christos Gortsos from the Hellenic Bank Association and Theodoros Mitrakos from the Bank of Greece.

According to Hellenic Bank Association President Louka Katseli, Greek banks’ ATMs will operate normally until Monday, July 6. “After that, everything depends on the European Central Bank,” she said.

In an interview to Greek radio, Varoufakis commented: “There will be no problem with ATMs by Monday. This week is problematic, however it consists an investment toward a sustainable agreement. The Greek state will be able to pay pensions and salaries at the end of the month since we will reach an agreement on Monday, one way or another. An interesting notice is that the country’s revenues have not collapsed as we are currently expecting a result. The problem can only be found in cash.”


  1. The best question is:
    How quickly can we get the DRACHMA circulating again???
    Does the Government have much of the old DRACMA’s in storage so that they can begin to be released again?
    Greece and particularly the Greek People will have an abundance of money in their pockets and in circulation around the country as soon as the DRACHMA is added to the existing EURO’s that are circulating.
    The NEW DRACHMA could have a value of half a Euro and people could trade in both currencies.
    If Europe did not accept this outside of Greece then Greeks could trade in Euro’s outside of Greece and both currencies inside of Greece.
    Wake up and move forward.

  2. Varoufakis said…

    “the Greek state will be able to pay pensions and salaries at the end of the month since we will reach an agreement on Monday”

    If anyone doubts our leftist regime are lying propagandists…. bookmark this article and remember Varoufakis words.. then watch how the liars in Syriza fliplop stories on Monday

    These commie liars been saying one thing to Greeks and another to the EU virtually through the entire negotiation. Flip flopping back and forth… back and forth. Meanwhile the far leftist idiots that voted for Syriza are in complete denial that for Tsipiras to reach an agreement with the EU by Monday would mean he backtracked on all his promises to exit memorandum and roll back cuts.

  3. You obviously did not finish your high school level education. Your comments are as ignorant as any comment can possibly be.

    Greece has no infrastructure in place. Therefore, it can not generate income to prosper. The only way Greece can produce income is to tax their citizens.

    The Greek tourist season is now in the trash thanks to the incompetent idiots in power, and people such as yourself.

    The Greek Reporter is correct. Nothing changes in Greece, no matter who is in power. Yet, Greeks head down the same stupid road, time, and time again.

    If you think austerity was tough wait until you get a load of what will happen to Greece next. No one will do business with Greece. Every time Greece attempts to import a product, it will be required to pay upfront in cash. That means the Troika lenders will seize any cash coming from Greece.

    Greece has sentenced itself to be a third world country.

  4. Oh Tom love your passion buddy but unfortunatly your logic is really wrong. If something is in abundant supply price / value goes down. Good luck in Greece.