European Commission President Warns of ‘No’ Implication for Greece

junckerEuropean Commission President Jean Claude Juncker warned Greeks that a “No” vote on Sunday’s referendum will “dramatically weaken” Greece’s position, Reuters reported on Friday.

Juncker did not answer questions on whether a “No” answer would automatically mean the end of negotiations between the Greek side and the institutions.

“The program has come to an end, there are no negotiations under way. If the Greeks vote ‘No,’ they have done everything but strengthening the Greek negotiation position,” Juncker said.

Previously during the week, Juncker said he felt “betrayed” by the Greek government and had urged Greeks to vote “Yes” in the referendum. Today he said that even a “Yes” would bring “tough negotiations” for Greece.


  1. Juncker is a decent man but unfortunately around half our country are incompetent far left fanatics that try to pawn themselves off as moderates (“moderates” that voted for a communist). EU has to stop supporting all Greeks and start supporting the Greeks that oppose our communists. Only if “Greek” leftist extremists can be destroyed politically does Greece have any chance of survival.

    Anyone that supports Syriza in an shape of form is only irrationally feeding communist extremists. Even the alleged communists in China are far less communist than Tsipiras. (as the Chinese government effectively moved away from communism in all but name after Mao’s death whereas Tsipiras and his irrational Marxist clowns are working towards it)

  2. When our leftists voted for a communist regime they effectively turned Europe into an enemy. No government in Europe takes our communist leaders seriously. The only hope Greece has at the moment is getting rid of the current Marxist regime with a yes vote. If not, Greece continues it’s journey towards failed state

    “Greek” leftists think they are going to recover with communists. What’s actually going to happen given its current trajectory a few decades down the road (when illegals and their descendents make up the majority of Greek population) Greece will no longer be Greece. Much like when it was overrun by the Ottomans it will eventually have a different language, different form of government (very possibly Islamic), its cities renamed, and be mostly populated by people that don’t identity with Hellenism.

    Literally failed state.

  3. European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has no right to “warn” Greek voters, or advise Greek voters on which way they should vote.

    Golden Dawn urges Greek citizens to Vote NO to the memorandum of the foreign Troika loansharks.

    ND & PASOK governed Greece from 1974 – January 2015 and are responsible for the annihalation of the Greek economy due to their unrivalled corruption, & criminal negligence. Today ND & PASOK, and Greek Oligarch George Bobolas’s creation To Potami, are telling the Greek people to vote Yes. The Greek people should answer these corrupt thieves with a resounding NO.

  4. How “democratic” of the EU, making Greece “pay” for daring to hold a referendum.

    Why anyone would want to be part of a BLOC that has such contempt for democracy is beyond me. I hope the Greek people ignore the panicked threats made by Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin, and vote NO.